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Birthday Cake Alternative!

Instead of buying a full size cake for my birthday yesterday, friends bought cake pops! Perfect! Gave me the feeling of a treat but a much smaller size and no feeling of deprivation that may have caused me overeat later on a different occasion (we've been there/done that before, right?).

Same calories- i know- BUT by choosing to buy only the quantity you need when you order there are no tempting leftovers!!! So thankful!


- Submitted by MESHAGIGGLES 5/9/2012 in Getting Started | 0 Comments
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Tetanus Shot

When's the last time you received a tetanus shot? Can't remember, neither could I. I did however turn 40 this past year, so I'm getting one this year so I'll remember I received one during a special birthday year. It doesn't have to be a birthday year, it could be a special anniversary year, high school reunion, child's graduation, just do it in a year that means something. Then when asked by the doctor when was the last time you had one, you should be able to recall.

- Submitted by JLWOF1 1/17/2011 in Staying Healthy | 4 Comments
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Holiday meal pretrials

try low calorie sides and entrees a couple of times before the holidays to ensure they work and will be enjoyed, add them to the meal and subtract the higher calorie item next time

- Submitted by RIPPEDPAUL1 5/9/2010 in Weight Loss | 0 Comments
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