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Make Healthy Choices Automatic

Choose a few healthy Breakfast and Lunch combos that you enjoy and know will meet your daily nutrition and calorie goals.

- Submitted by MAIZEY 2/10/2013 in Weight Loss | 2 Comments
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"Clean" Cupboards and Fridge

Making certain that all food choices in my kitchen are healthful choices helps me to stay on track with my goals. I follow the You On A Diet eating approach by Drs.. Oz and Roizen. I've done the same with the food I have at my office. I have small baggies of healthy treats such as almonds or walnuts, a few pieces of fruit and some single serving organic soups.
Here' a link to my grocery list:

- Submitted by MAIZEY 11/4/2012 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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