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Top Secrets of Success for
Healthy Food Choices


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I never tell myself or anyone else I can't have a certain food.

I have noticed throughout all the "diets" I've tried over the years that once I'm told I can't have something that's all I want. I have never shed as much weight as I have with Sparkpeople. I'm at 70# now. And by getting to know myself much better and how my cravings seem to work I've learned to never tell anyone I can't eat a certain food and I never tell myself that mentally either. Instead I think of the weight I've shed and the great amount of work and effort it took and 9.5/10 x I pass.

- Submitted by 1MILLDOLLARBABY 2/10/2013 in Healthy Eating | 2 Comments
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"Clean" Cupboards and Fridge

Making certain that all food choices in my kitchen are healthful choices helps me to stay on track with my goals. I follow the You On A Diet eating approach by Drs.. Oz and Roizen. I've done the same with the food I have at my office. I have small baggies of healthy treats such as almonds or walnuts, a few pieces of fruit and some single serving organic soups.
Here' a link to my grocery list:

- Submitted by MAIZEY 11/4/2012 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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Kid's Birthday Parties

If you're a parent, you know that the last thing you're worried about when planning your kid's birthday party is 'the parent's nutritional needs.' The buffet of kid-friendly delights are not always in step with your current meal plans. If you have to stay at the party with your child, plan ahead by...
(1) Eating Before You Go
(2) Stash a Healthy Snack in your Purse/Pocket
(3) Reach for a Bottle of Water (to keep you full)
(4) Split that Princess Tiana slice of cake with a buddy

- Submitted by KROGERS1976 2/13/2011 in Everything Else | 2 Comments
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