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Food and Water

My relationship with food:
-Fill up half plate with veggies first then fist size portions of anything else (healthy of course)
-Eat from smaller containers
-Chew SLOWER and don't rush....sometimes I stop and pause
-Drink WATER constantly and consistently. skin is looking better a...

- Submitted by KJ_BALANCE_LIFE 7/16/2010 in Weight Loss | 3 Comments
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you can eat a ton of plain popcorn without much damage to the nutrition tracker- when I need to "chew and crunch" I pop and eat it plain.

- Submitted by DENRNAJ 5/4/2010 in Weight Loss | 2 Comments
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Choo choooooo!!!

Chewing! I just saw the Sparkpeople article about this and I couldn't agree more. Making sure I take time over at least one meal a day, and throughly chewing my food means that I enjoy it more, I take longer to eat it and I actually feel FULL when I've finished.

- Submitted by TEENYTINYPIP 3/28/2010 in Healthy Eating | 0 Comments
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