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Microwave Magic - Peeling an Onion or a head of Garlic

To Peel Onions...
Place onions on a covered microwave-safe plate and cook for 1 to 2 minutes at full power. Careful, the onion may be hot. I only need to cook a medium size onion for 50 seconds. The skin just peels right off and I don't "loose" so much of the onion this way.

To Remove Outer Skin from Garlic Cloves...
Put the cloves in a custard cup and microwave at 80% power for 30 seconds. Allow the cloves to cool enough so you can handle them, then lift away the skin.

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/8/2010 in Cooking | 1 Comment
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Celebrate Eating Foods In Season - Most Flavor, Nutrition & Affordable

I recently read about a family that makes it a point to eat foods in season. I try to do this too!

Every week celebrate a food that is in season because that is when you get the most flavor and nutritional value and when it is the most affordable.

For the greatest freshness look for foods that are locally grown and are in season.


- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/7/2010 in Healthy Eating | 2 Comments
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SUN TEA can harbor dangerous BACTERIA, really???

I love ice tea and have been making Sun Tea for years.
I just recently read that Sun Tea can harbor dangerous bacteria.
So I researched it to see if it is true and what I could do about it.

Claim: Sun Tea can harbor dangerous bacteria.
Status: True.
Solution: Make “Refrigerator Tea.”

How: Fill a pitcher with at least a quart of cold water, add 4-6 tea bags, and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight. Squeeze and remove the tea bags. Serve over ice.

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/6/2010 in Healthy Eating | 2 Comments
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Be Realistic from the Start!

This is going to take time and effort on my part.
Knowing this from the start prepared me to commit to the time and work that this is going to require of me.
I also have developed realistic expectations of myself.
Today I will do what I have scheduled.
Tomorrow I will do what I need to do then.
I take it one day at a time. It all adds up over time.
I am in this for the long haul.
I am trying to develop a lifetime skill.
For me, there are no short cuts and that’s okay!

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/5/2010 in Exercise | 3 Comments
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Develop the HABIT of Making TIME for YOURSELF

Are you tired and overwhelmed?
Without time for ourselves, we lose sight of what’s important to us and what we need to be our very best selves. Taking time for yourself allows you to renew, heal, find purpose, peace and balance in your life.
Try setting aside just 5 minutes EVERYDAY for YOURSELF. Make it a HABIT!

I do this each day, just like I track my food and exercise.

Taking time for yourself is about self-care and it is an extremely important part of creating the LIFE YOU WANT.

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/4/2010 in Staying Positive | 3 Comments
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Each Day, Seek out or Learn Something NEW - It will make your life more exciting

Each day, try to learn something new or do something you have never done before! It will energize you and add "spice" to your life! Play the Trivia Game on SparkPeople. Check out a book from the library that you normally wouldn't read. Try a lawn game like Bocce ball. Try a new recipe using a vegetable you have never tried before - think jicama. Brainstorm and find something 'new to you' to SPARK your life, today!

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/3/2010 in Staying Healthy | 4 Comments
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Don't worry about tomorrow - Just for Today - You can do ANYTHING for a DAY!

Don't worry about tomorrow...
You can take a walk, just for today!
You can eat a healthy breakfast, just for today!
You can take a 5 minute break and relax in quiet, just for today.
You can do anything, just for today.
Tomorrow will take care of it's self, when it gets here!

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/3/2010 in Motivation | 5 Comments
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Experiment with Seasonings to satisfy your taste buds.

I like to use spices and rubs to make my foods more flavorful. I tend to be satisfied with a smaller serving of something that is full of flavor. I use garlic and onion powders, herbs and spices to make meat rubs and to season fresh vegetables before grilling or roasting. I prefer to use seasonings that don't contain alot of added sodium, too. I like mixing sweet and hot flavors together. They are very satisfying. Like grilled pineapple rubbed with a little brown sugar and cayenne. Yum!

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/3/2010 in Cooking | 2 Comments
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BEST ICE CREAM TREAT - Skinny Cow Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are fantastic tasting and they come in a plastic container that keeps them fresh longer than a paper wrapper in a box would. They are in individual servings, so they have built-in portion control.
There are several flavors to choose from; sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes. With approximately 140 to 160 calories each and 1.5 grams of fat, I can easily include one in my food progam several times a week if I desire. And they taste so good, too!

- Submitted by WINFIELD28 9/3/2010 in Product Reviews | 9 Comments
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