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6-Minute Butt Blasting Workout

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7/14/2014 6:49:45 PM

KMF2014's SparkPage
Good on the butt, but also felt good in the abs and arms!


7/14/2014 8:27:01 AM

I liked this and will do this everyday


7/14/2014 8:07:56 AM

awesome workout... I'll recommend it to my wife and also include it to my list. Thanks! GOD bless you guys!


7/13/2014 1:35:30 AM

Here's a strange thought...this workout not only works the glutes, it seems like it's helping the digestive tract, as well. Yay for lower abdominal and lower body movement helping to reach an overall goal! Terrific moves, FTW!


7/4/2014 5:17:43 AM

DIADONNA's SparkPage
these are such great moves! I do more than one set of these. First I do them on the floor, then I do them on my step, then I do them standing up leaning on a counter or a chair. I also use ankle weights.


7/1/2014 9:40:01 PM

B-NANA's SparkPage
My wrists are killing me. But (HA HA) it was a good workout. Hearts pumping strong.


6/30/2014 3:06:17 PM

This works great for those who only have a few pounds to lose, otherwise, you don't notice anything.


6/28/2014 4:40:32 AM

OMG, I love arthritis won't permit squats so, this is PERFECT!


6/5/2014 12:45:06 PM

Love this workout! When I don't go to the gym for my workout, I repeat this one twice in a row as well as another one of Nicole's workouts twice. She's great!


6/2/2014 11:21:11 PM

Great work out!


5/25/2014 9:10:24 AM

I just watched this video. Can't do it now because of a broken toe. How can I save it in my favorites? The usual "button" is not here to click.


5/6/2014 6:40:50 PM

Great workout Coach Nichole. I feel as though I'll make it to the end of the 4 weeks.


5/1/2014 10:33:46 PM

SARALD5's SparkPage
My butt feels great! It burned but I am going to try to continue this. How often should we do this routine?


5/1/2014 12:14:56 PM

I did it!!!! I need to keep this one. .I am so excited I found this site I know I will reach my goal.


4/13/2014 11:51:10 AM

GOCYCLE's SparkPage
Okay, that was a real butt kicker after my Sunday bike ride, did not choose wisely to do that today haha but I did it!

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