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Intro to the Stability Ball

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12/21/2017 7:38:54 PM

KERRYG155's SparkPage
I wish I had this video available at the rehab center one day several years ago. There was a lady working with a therapist who told her to buy a fitness ball for home use. Now this gal was maybe 5' tall being told to buy the biggest ball available. The therapist didn't like me questioning him.


10/7/2017 8:54:03 PM

Thank you!


10/7/2017 4:36:55 PM

NANROCKS's SparkPage
Very informative and helpful, thank you!


10/17/2016 7:05:00 PM

I just viewed this video from a daily email I had received from Sparkpeople. I had no problems with it playing. Of course I had to view an ad first.


8/30/2016 11:14:02 PM

NORASPAT's SparkPage
Hi I have had no problem with this video for a long time now. It was my first video when I bought a fit ball. I hope it will be able to use it soon. Mine is in the Favorites and it does come up from there. Pat in Maine.


8/30/2016 11:37:10 AM

This video will not play!!! In the comments, there was this same complaint on June 27, 2015 !! Obviously these comments are not read.


4/10/2016 5:17:26 AM

CARS82's SparkPage
Every time I try and play the video a add comes on for bees wax balm and stays on I can't get the video up? Are these videos on u tube?


9/15/2015 11:29:13 AM

oh, oh, my ball is too big..... can't afford another one.... wish I could trade, but can't


6/27/2015 2:28:49 PM

WALDEN9's SparkPage
the video would not play so i could not learn


2/24/2015 1:13:55 PM

Slow begining but I've going to keep going...


1/1/2015 9:14:34 AM

hi how can i download the videos.thank you


12/16/2014 10:52:39 PM

Great intro - i've been using my balance ball for years and am a fanatic! I'm always on the lookout for a new routine and will be sure to check out the other workouts! Thanks Coach Nicole! DC


11/23/2014 6:42:06 PM

I really like mine. I don't know to do too many exercises yet but somehow it can be very relaxing being on the ball. I understand how it can be used for physical therapy too.


10/2/2014 8:05:22 PM

Thanks Nicole looks like a good workout


9/12/2014 5:29:33 PM

REBECKY441's SparkPage
Thank you! I always thought that my ball was too small for me... but now I know that it isn't... but maybe it just isn't inflated enough. Great instructions Coach Nicole! Thanks!

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