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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout

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11/24/2014 8:55:45 PM

wasn't bad but I can't do the ones where you get on your knees and kick back ,up and down . I also can't do jumping jacks I'm afraid I'll fall . I guess I'll get past my fear but , I'm 62 and on high blood pressure meds , and others .


11/24/2014 8:47:16 PM

NORASPAT's SparkPage
When I read The comment before I agreed with her. The Jumping Jacks are not for over 70 's and not that soon in the video. I bought the boot camp disc and after watching just a short while I knew it was a mistake.
I love many of the exercises you show us but not eveyone is a young as you on this site


11/24/2014 11:14:30 AM

RENEETC1's SparkPage
When I read this, I thought "a 10 min. workout. I can do this". And then I watched the video and was almost in tears. High impact moves for a beginner!!! Even the modifications were high impact since both feet were off the floor. Also, when the very high intensity exercises toward the end of the video were shown, nothing to show any modifications. How about those same exercises in a standing position, and a split screen showing the modifications would be good.


11/22/2014 10:32:57 PM

Completed day 1 workout!


11/19/2014 2:08:43 AM

KASIRAI's SparkPage
finally, i did the first day.


11/18/2014 5:32:23 AM

COWBOY4GOD's SparkPage
stopped because my knee hurt


11/4/2014 12:12:20 PM

Day 2 done!


11/2/2014 6:37:45 PM

RHLMART's SparkPage
That wasn't hard at all!!!


11/1/2014 8:09:22 PM

SHELLYANN16's SparkPage
Day 1 done


11/1/2014 1:13:16 PM

JENSCGRL19's SparkPage
Done with Day one Yay!!!!!


10/23/2014 11:53:56 AM

Are these all 10 minutes videos or we have to buy the full version


10/19/2014 9:37:16 AM

Sweet! I believe I can commit to the time frame and also can hold my needy 1 yr old (that I love dearly of course!!) through all the marching; warmup/cooldown. Yay for a workout that is easy to commit to!!


10/16/2014 4:07:18 PM

will do this later this evening, love how they have vidios :)


10/12/2014 8:45:19 AM

100+ overweight...doing burpees and lunges at that rate is not going to happen. off to walk and hit the pool


10/7/2014 9:28:02 PM

Day 1 I will do this!

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