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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout

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9/27/2013 10:01:09 AM

DID20012's SparkPage
I love this video very much,I plan to use it every.


9/26/2013 7:46:36 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Will try this tomorrow.


9/25/2013 1:35:00 PM

LEOLANIW's SparkPage
I love this video all the moves flow together well so it's easy to learn and the instructor is great as well. I do it every morning.


9/24/2013 7:20:04 AM

LISADD1's SparkPage
Lisa Loves to get her morning started with this heart awakener!


9/17/2013 4:23:41 PM

LINDA4442's SparkPage
This was a GREAT workout. It was quick and easy but it got my heart rate right up there. Thanks.


9/17/2013 3:04:46 PM

B4BENA's SparkPage
Great video, I couldn't get up for my early morning class today, and evening I am not gona have enough time to get my cardio in. I was browsing around the spark people and decided to do couple of cardio from the clips. Boy I never though they will break the sweat like the cross ramp machine in gym.


9/13/2013 9:12:01 PM

Ay ay ay! Think Zumba here - low impact does not necessarily mean easy. My armband registers this as higher intensity than the kickboxing videos. If you're really a beginner, pace yourself by minimizing the arm movements in the early part of the video. It stops abruptly, so if you want cool-down time factor that in.


9/9/2013 12:12:29 AM

I agree that this is WAY too fast for someone who weighs a lot more than the instructor, or who is new to aerobics. Maybe It should be labeled as such. There is no way in this world that I'd be able to do much of this...yet!


9/7/2013 8:41:29 PM

ELISARA2005's SparkPage
I very much enjoyed this video. Honestly, the repetition of the moves made it easy to follow and check myself if I found something I needed to modify * the over head pulls and knee lifts skew my balance so I lowed my arms* . Thanks for a high energy fast paced video.


9/3/2013 7:44:51 AM

I saw the words Low Impact and thought " beginner." This video is fine for people who are already in really great shape and who have done lots of aerobics classes but I found it WAY too fast. I found the constant changing (about every 10 seconds) to be really disconcerting. Like many others, I did not even come close to finishing this video. The instructor is great but the title of this video needs to be changed to match it's target audience.


9/1/2013 4:50:24 AM

I found the video a little fast, but I will be doing it again. It was fun and had a few Zumba/Latin moves.


8/30/2013 11:51:30 AM

LEANNM5's SparkPage
I enjoyed this video. I'm use to the foot work being broken down into steps, so when she switched it up that was a little challenging. With time I know I will master this video. :)


8/29/2013 2:25:08 PM

I LOVE this video! I've done it so many times that I can do this video while watching tv. I repeat this video all day long until I burn off most of the calories I consume. I can do every exercise in this video without having to pause and take a breath. Some of the other ones on here are more intense. I really enjoy this video.


8/28/2013 4:13:33 PM

WALNUTT1961's SparkPage
Loved this one! It cuts off at the end, so be sure to do a cool down.


8/26/2013 6:49:53 PM

KYRSALIS's SparkPage
I went to this video because it was listed in the beginner category, it's not for beginners unless the beginner is in fantastic shape to begin with. It's not a bad workout though, but I could only do half of it before the room started spinning and I was heading towards the floor. The instructor is very good, and I loved what I could do of it, I just don't feel it's for beginners. When I can get to this level, I have it bookmarked and will come back to it again.

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