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12-Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout

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8/16/2013 11:31:17 AM

Was I wrong! Have been riding stationary bike-a recumbent programmable one, for years & Drs. impressed with my lung power & pulse rate. I thought I was in good shape.
4 min. into this & I was wiped out. Now I have a goal. I will do this!


8/15/2013 11:31:50 PM

GETERM1's SparkPage
Excellent video! hope to get the change to use it.


8/15/2013 2:31:23 PM

Good video, but the ending cuts off. Can we see the whole thing and maybe get a cool-down after it?


8/15/2013 1:06:36 PM

I love IT!!! very good!!


8/15/2013 12:23:21 PM

WILDFLOWER521's SparkPage
It says I can't load the video due to cross domain policy restrictions.

I was looking forward to seeing/doing this video.


8/9/2013 3:56:01 AM

KIM22211's SparkPage
WOW! I am sure out of shape !!!! But this is one I will watch and do on a reg basis to build myself up! Thanks!


8/6/2013 6:16:06 PM

CEJ927's SparkPage
I can't get the video to load, either.


8/4/2013 1:29:03 AM

So sad I can't get the video to load


7/31/2013 7:37:17 PM

JMZINCT's SparkPage
It's fun! Just remember to cool down, don't just stop fast!


7/29/2013 4:44:19 PM

LAINEY1105's SparkPage
I think it's a great workout, but I don't like the way it abruptly ends! Shouldn't there be some sort of a slow-down and stretching? I add my own, but that's the one thing that would make it perfect.


7/25/2013 3:56:21 PM

I am 68 yrs young, and tried this routine this morning, and found out that yes!! I can do it! Thanks so much!


7/19/2013 4:24:11 PM

BSWILSON1's SparkPage
I Love this work out! I can't get down in thew floor and this one is for me. I just wish it was a little longer, I try to do this one at least 2 times a day.


7/18/2013 10:16:34 PM

I was surprised when she said we were almost done warming up......I was sweating already!!! good workout


7/17/2013 10:50:37 AM

DIANA7790's SparkPage
Nice workout. I am supposed to start with a 12-15 min. workout because of my arthritis and this was perfect!


7/16/2013 12:04:39 PM

Great workout! Loved the music!

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