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SparkPeople: A (5-Minute) History

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12/6/2015 5:49:46 AM

NORE1969's SparkPage
I am revisiting my beginning articles for renewed inspiration!


12/5/2015 10:52:22 PM

thank you, Chris for your generosity and genuine caring for other people. i have just started with the program but the website seems to offer so much. i have started and failed so many other ventures in attempt to lose weight. Thank you for providing a method which seems so comprehensive and still be free.


12/5/2015 10:42:18 AM

ANDJOS's SparkPage
I've been using the recipes for a while and recently joined... so, I think I will continue by treating these tools as a sort of buffet - I can just take what works for me and leave the rest.


12/5/2015 8:36:24 AM

Thank you for this program. Hoping to see results from this. Have tried many different programs with no results. Looking to lose 50 pounds.


12/4/2015 1:25:44 PM

RICKENBRODE1950's SparkPage
Thank you Chris! Thank goodness for people like you!


12/2/2015 1:48:35 PM

too much info


12/2/2015 9:21:22 AM

Thank you Chris--Merry Christmas !!!!


12/2/2015 6:13:32 AM

thank you Chris and your team for your generosity. I joined Spark people a year ago but was not able to follow any programme. Now i feel i need help because i have really put on more weight after winter!! and then i remembered Spark People once again. i need the motivation please. I actually get stuck due to so much info. because i would like to start loosing weight as soon as possible. Help!!


11/30/2015 8:21:16 PM

Love the name, it really sparks, thanks chris


11/26/2015 3:08:25 PM

Thank you, Chris. This program seems to be working for me and although I work at it faithfully, it is kind of fun too. I'm trying to lower my A1c and am excited about seeing my doctor after 3 months using SparkPeople. I think he will be interested in the small changes that I have made. All of these changes are healthy. Thank you for sharing with so many people a new way to succeed in weight loss.


11/26/2015 5:04:03 AM

Thank you, Chris, for your time and investment in strangers. Special blessings.


11/22/2015 1:34:36 AM

I am so grateful for this website.


11/21/2015 3:56:48 PM

JAMS61's SparkPage
I love the site I joined a few days ago just have not done anything respective to change yet. I need help getting started it seems overwelming :-/


11/18/2015 9:02:34 AM



11/12/2015 9:46:38 PM


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