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SparkPeople: A (5-Minute) History

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10/5/2015 4:35:05 PM

Thank you for providing this free website to help us overcome obesity. And thank you for having the remarkable chair exercises for those of us who have a disability or limited mobility. Keep up the fantastic work. God bless you.


10/5/2015 3:54:07 PM

this is very good and motivation with the family.


10/5/2015 7:05:32 AM

This is an amazing site, with so much to explore and read. Thank you for providing this service for free.


10/3/2015 7:53:49 AM

Comprehensive site...nice job...thank you to all who keep it up to date and fresh every day.


10/2/2015 12:31:14 PM

I'm a newbie, but want to say thank you Chris for making this website to help people like me. :)


9/30/2015 8:05:20 PM

I feel a bit overwhelmed but excited too


9/30/2015 7:14:54 PM

so helpful


9/29/2015 11:44:24 PM

How motivating for a first day back on Spark-love the interview!


9/29/2015 8:33:19 PM

I love the video. It is so encouraging. I really need to sign in more. I snack on a whole bag of candy sitting at my desk at work today. I am so glad someone really cares. It is not easy loosing weight when there is so much stress in the world today. Thank you.


9/29/2015 9:51:22 AM

I love this video! So amazing. I love the fact that someone out there cared enough about health and people to create this website. THANK YOU - cannot be said enough.


9/28/2015 4:03:16 PM

Didn't know that about SparkPeople. I am surprised and happy. Does my heart and attitude some good.


9/27/2015 8:06:23 PM

RHODYM's SparkPage
This man is a great blessing to scores of people who want to be healthy, lose weight, and get the support they need to do it. What a great man to do this at no cost to his constituents! Great job, Chris, and thank you!


9/27/2015 4:58:49 PM

How selfless of this man to do this for strangers. I appreciate his gift and hope that I will use it as he intended it to be used


9/26/2015 12:59:37 PM

CASEYSMOM09's SparkPage
What an amazing person to use his money to help others at no cost to them. Not many people would do that. Just shows what a loving and generous person he is. Thank you, Chris


9/24/2015 9:31:48 AM

Just watched the video of how this site got it's start, it was impressive. So this is my first time ever joining anything like this. I really want to see a change in my physical appearance but I have a commitment to health as I am a nurse and feel I set an example whether I realize it or not.

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