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SparkPeople: A (5-Minute) History

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3/6/2015 10:38:51 PM

well here it goes


3/6/2015 8:49:14 AM

I don't know much about he guy that started this ,I guess I'm a little behind on the updates within the net. I was in Iraq and Kuwait for a few years and lost touch with the fads of the times. In the last year or so I have struggles with weight. I recently got involved with the VA MOVES program and a few of the people suggested SparkPeople. It covers all that one needs to accomplish any goal in life. Not just weight. This program can be a life changing experience if one applies the principles to everything that they want to accomplish in life. Just a thank you for the inspired guy and his support team for putting this together. It is a real inspiration for me that it is not a government funded program and was birthed from a real American entrepreneurship, benefiting the well being of the masses if one is willing to who put in the time and effort. People think it is free but I know some pays. This is a perpetual system of shared resources and knowledge. Who is John Galt????


3/6/2015 2:01:21 AM

WOW, this is simply an amazing Gift. I thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful program. You are truly a blessing to everyone!


3/3/2015 4:56:24 PM

Anxoious to get started with everyone's help & encouragement.


3/2/2015 7:33:21 PM

Wow, I sometimes wonder what I would do to help others if f I came into a large sum of money. All I can say is Thanks Chris for your helping me to reach my goals of a healthy lifestyle with the SparkPeople site.


3/1/2015 10:17:38 PM

This looks really helpful. My biggest fear is I won't have time to log calories or exercise. Any busy folks out there with suggestions?


3/1/2015 8:46:22 PM

Thats pretty cool!!! Thanks for being amazing!!!


3/1/2015 5:00:56 PM

Chris you have sparked people back to life.
Thank your for you help and determination in making this website a sucess!!


3/1/2015 4:14:26 PM

SEWLADYD's SparkPage
Tried this 5 years ago and then quit following. Ready to go this time and get to goal.


3/1/2015 9:24:31 AM

Chris rocks!!!!


3/1/2015 8:52:49 AM

Thanks Chris...this may just be the "Spark" I need to get these extra pounds off and get back in shape! Thank you for caring!


2/28/2015 6:03:17 PM

There are good people in this world. Thanks for the site..Again.


2/28/2015 4:34:06 PM

I love this site, just need to be more consistent with using it,


2/28/2015 11:00:15 AM

I am so grateful.


2/27/2015 11:02:09 AM

interesting and informative. I tried sparks two years ago but half-assed it. I return highly motivated this time around. I will try and do my very best to better my life.

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