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SparkPeople: A (5-Minute) History

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10/20/2015 12:27:21 PM

CANNF47's SparkPage
Thank you Chris for starting SparkPeople.... I love coming back knowing that I will give and receive support....


10/19/2015 11:00:20 AM

I've been looking at Sparkpeople for a long time but didn't really commit to giving it a try. After watching your documentary I am inspired, yes of course by the couple that lost weight but most of all by you Chris, who has shown a committment that's worthy of emulation. Thanks Chris for your unselfishness and your love of people to make this a much better,healthier and happier place, bringing to many for the first time the answers to their deepest prayers. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU


10/18/2015 10:48:41 PM

Thank you! I'm a teacher suffering from Radiculapathy as a result of a slip and fall. I have suffered for over 4 years. During this period I have gained 30 pounds. I feel hopeful. I've lost my first 5 pounds and have begun walikng using my walker. Thank you!


10/15/2015 10:52:09 AM

I just rejoined after retiring from more than a 40 year career as a RN; now I have the time & energy to loose my goal of 30-40 lbs...found this website after receiving an email from an individual who lost over 70 lbs., & she highly recommended it. Woo-hoo, I am starting today--NME (no more excuses)!! -J.


10/14/2015 9:33:30 AM

CHERMAE70's SparkPage
I worked with Sparkpeople a year ago and lost 10 lb but a personal trainer told me to another sight and I haven't lost and after a trip gained 7 lbs so BACK TO SPARKPEOPLE! I love the menus and some seem weird but try once - not bad!!!
Thank you but I miss the Sparkpeople Radio!!


10/13/2015 6:11:40 PM

I first started Sparkpeople in 2006. I lost my weight and then put it aside. Now I need to lose twice as much as I needed to back in 2006. I didn't know the history until I listen to this video and appreciate that a stranger out there is willing to help people around the globe to lose weight but most of all stay healthy. THANKS!


10/13/2015 4:38:43 PM

LOTZALADY1's SparkPage
I have gotten sidetracked so many times I hate to try to count them! Here I am, yet again, giving SparkPeople another try! Nothing else works for me. This time I am going to try to combine it with ZRII products.


10/13/2015 12:43:32 PM

So many Blessings bestowed upon so many people!


10/13/2015 9:26:05 AM

Thank you Chris.


10/11/2015 9:29:07 AM

I am doubly encouraged now, D-1, AOK.


10/10/2015 4:56:23 PM

love this program so easy to track nutrition and exercise and lean tips from others


10/8/2015 7:30:21 PM

FRELNC's SparkPage
What is so wonderful about this website and all the information available here is that it's free!! FREE!! For that reason alone I started here, and then I realized it's actually the best thing out there. Thanks so much Chris!!


10/7/2015 11:38:21 AM

Thank you:)


10/5/2015 4:35:05 PM

Thank you for providing this free website to help us overcome obesity. And thank you for having the remarkable chair exercises for those of us who have a disability or limited mobility. Keep up the fantastic work. God bless you.


10/5/2015 3:54:07 PM

this is very good and motivation with the family.

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