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SparkPeople: A (5-Minute) History

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8/17/2014 11:49:28 AM

good video


8/17/2014 8:27:26 AM

Thank you Mr. Downey! The site is truly a gift. I am looking forward to getting starting my journey...


8/16/2014 2:54:01 PM

Just signed up and watched the Fox news video. I'm encouraged and feeling hopeful.


8/16/2014 6:06:31 AM

thank you for sharing


8/15/2014 11:20:22 AM

thank u so much for this site im going to start it today i cant wait


8/15/2014 7:54:25 AM

I'll be 62 on Monday, 18th, and my food money has been cut a third. I need to find a way to eat less meat, manage my 20yr old gastric-bypass, current pain when I eat meat, lose weight and gain muscle. I need recipes to make for myself, and to learn how to eat and use TOFU, which seemed like eating an old rubber sponge!
I am ready, and I promise not to eat grass or barbecue the cat!


8/14/2014 10:43:06 PM

Looking forward to the challenge, I will look good at my daughters wedding next June!


8/14/2014 1:53:12 PM



8/13/2014 5:25:54 PM



8/13/2014 12:13:31 PM

Mr. Downie you are and have been a God send to so many! Thank you for you generosity in so many ways! God bless!


8/12/2014 6:23:56 AM

DENESEG's SparkPage
I am so thankful for this site. This is how I start my day and holds me accountable. My Zumba instructor first told me about this. I guess she was hoping that the only really big person in her class wouldn't kill over. She is precious for sharing. I try to share SparkPeople every chance I get.


8/10/2014 10:47:29 PM

Thank you Mr. Downie. I am new to this site but see the possibilities. I am grateful most of it is free.


8/10/2014 9:28:03 PM

love the site and the easy way to track. purchased the tracker and use it every day and i just check to see if i need more steps. weight coming off very slowly. thinking i have too many carbs from all the fruit i eat but fruit replaces cake ect. just would like to know why spark wants 6,000 steps but the ymca want 10,000??


8/10/2014 7:50:47 PM

I am overwhelmed by your generosity in helping people to lose weight and get healthy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I too have tried many programs that cost a lot of money over the years. I would lose for awhile and they my weight loss would come to a standstill or start to reverse. I am going to give this all I got. I have wasted enough of my life on holding back do to being overweight. Now its time to start living! Thank you for your help and thank God for you.


8/10/2014 4:17:20 PM

I am getting started on this right away.

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