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Are Organic Foods Better for You?

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8/28/2015 9:43:37 AM

CONAILL's SparkPage
Arsenic, toadstools, poison dart frogs, rattlesnake venom... All organic and non-GMO. Something grown the way my granny used to garden is organic, but given all the manure and what not, it's still covered with residue that needs to be scrubbed off.


8/6/2015 1:45:30 PM

RISNGSUN24's SparkPage
It amuses me that it says Everwell is unbiased. If you've watched many of their videos, they're always in favor of the big companies.


7/31/2015 11:02:40 AM

GLORYFB80's SparkPage
It is lousy that we have to pay more for organic food, that is why I don't always choose it. When shopping yesterday the organic small tomatoes were on special, priced the same as regular small tomatoes, so of course, I was able to buy the organic! We pay a price to eat healthy!!! Terrible, should not be this way!


5/20/2015 4:03:35 AM

The very fact that organic produce costs more should tell you something, why does it cost more to NOT have pesticides sprayed? Could it be that the big agricultural companies are in on it? WHY should someone have to PAY to be certified as organic but to spray any old rubbish on it is perfectly fine? Things are backwards, organic produce should be a given. I agree with all those people advising to grow your own. In the UK we are lucky enough that organic produce is not that much more expensive and there are lots of veg box schemes supporting local farms available. Monsanto is seriously one of the most evil corporations on the planet and they provide most of your pesticides. As for, is organic food good for you? That should be the easiest answer in the world, of course it is! We lived off organic food for centuries and suffered a lot less stomach complaints. Being a sufferer of extreme stomach problems like so many other people I question all processed foods now. I avoid as much as I can and buy organic most of the time when I am not supplying my own food. Organic should be a right not more expensive IMO.


5/5/2015 10:47:04 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
I am not sure if its worth it for me to buy organic produce as its a lot more expensive. Having said that I try to grow as much of my own produce as I can as I feel it tastes better even if its not any better for me. I also wonder if all this increasing yields per acre of farmland has led to less nutritious foods.


4/16/2015 6:03:13 AM

CINDY_LU_WHO's SparkPage
I would much rather eat produce with no PETROLEUM based products used on them than eat that!!!

Do they really think the body is meant to process petroleum??? Monsanto must be behind this clip... lol!


3/31/2015 7:07:08 PM

CWILSON63's SparkPage
If you notice, he said you cannot use conventional pesticides...not that you cannot use ANY pesticides (to be considered organic). Organic produce can and does have pesticide's just "natural" pesticide. Just because it is not synthetic does not mean it is good for you. Arsenic is natural, but it's still not OK to eat.


3/3/2015 6:01:50 PM

Pesticides can harm helpful bacteria in the gut that helps us digest food. Organic farming is also better for the environment, and the health of the environment is important to our health as well. The more I learn about the way conventional agriculture is harming us and the environment, the more I want to support organic farmers by buying organic and local. I think it's worth the cost. If you can grow your own, obviously that great too.


2/24/2015 4:37:46 PM

Thats why I try to grow my own every year now... of course they have organic seeds now.. WHAT?!?!


1/28/2015 5:37:28 PM

DPAULA9's SparkPage
Great video and congradulations! Nice emplyees at that supermarket, concerning they left you film there.


10/26/2014 8:32:47 AM

Give yourself the satisfaction of growing your own. Everything tastes better right out of the garden : )


10/19/2014 6:48:34 AM

I didn't have an Uncle Ben's ad. I haven't bought into the organic or nothing way of life yet. I can't afford it. What is better an inorganic apple or not eating the apple at all?


8/22/2014 5:16:41 PM

SIEGRID's SparkPage
I don't have an Uncle Ben commercial before but one for Delta hotels....I really don't think it applies to the video!!!!


7/3/2014 8:59:35 PM

This "unbiased" video brought to you by Uncle Ben's Rice (am I the only one who saw that ad at the beginning?).

It's ridiculous that whoever this guy is uses "there's debate amongst scientists" as a reason to go ahead and eat conventional foods. Remember, there was debate amongst scientists for a long time about whether smoking caused cancer or not. Isn't it better to wait until the research is in, before you eat GMO and pesticide covered foods?

Organic is better for our environment and it's better for the families of farming communities, who have to deal with having pesticides sprayed over their towns. A recent study showed the effects that pesticide sprays in farming communities have on school aged children (Spoiler: the effects aren't good in any way).

The next time they make an "unbiased" video like this, perhaps they should leave off the Uncle Ben's ad, and actually make an unbiased video.


6/30/2014 9:09:13 AM

This info was very enlightening!

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