Do You Know the Signs of Heart Disease?

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1   True or False: The first indication that you have heart disease can be an actual heart attack.

Because the symptoms of heart disease can be easy to ignore, many people do not realize they have heart disease until they actual experience a heart attack.

1   Who is more likely to experience the heart disease symptom of angina (chest pain)?

Angina is one of the most common--and noticeable--symptoms of heart disease. Men with heart disease are more likely to experience chest pain than women with heart disease. Pain related to heart disease can be felt under the breastbone, in the jaw or neck, and/or in the left shoulder and arm. Unfortunately, many men and women do not recognize this type pain as a sign of heart disease or a heart attack.

1   True or False: Pain in the upper abdominal area can be a sign of a heart attack, especially in women.

In women, heart attack symptoms are often experienced differently. They are more likely than men to feel angina (chest pain) in the back, and experience pain in the upper abdominal area, too. Sudden, unusual pain should never be dismissed, especially if accompanied by other symptoms of heart attack, such as fatigue, chest pain and/or dizziness.

1   What percentage of women experience chest pain during a heart attack?

According to one study, only 30% of women who experienced a heart attack felt chest pain.

1   True or False: People only experience symptoms of a heart attack as it's happening.

Researchers have found that 80% of women felt at least one of the following symptoms for a month or longer before they even had a heart attack: pain (in the chest, arms, neck, jaw, back, or upper abdomen), fatigue, heartburn/indigestion, shortness of breath, anxiousness, sweating, and/or dizziness. These symptoms should never be ignored. If acted on soon enough, heart attacks can be prevented.

1   True or False: Men tend to develop heart disease 10 years later than women do.

Men and women tend to experience heart disease and heart attacks at different ages: around 45 for men, and ages 55 and up for women.

1   What is the most common heart disease symptom in men?

Chest pain (angina) is the most common symptom that men with heart disease experience, although all of the symptoms above can also occur in men with heart disease. In addition, men can experience uncomfortable feelings of fullness, pressure or burning in their chest.

1   When should you call 911?

If you experience chest pain or any other symptom of heart disease for longer than a few minutes, these may be heart attack symptoms and you should call 911 immediately.

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9/7/2017 10:02:24 PM

! of these questions' answers are contradictory, claiming I was wrong when after reading each of the answers on both questions I am exactly right. I answered question 1 as being True and it was called false but according to the answer on question 5 I was right all along. The right hand writing these questions doesn't know what the left hand answering the questions is doing. Also question 3 is False unless you're a woman, the question didn't say that the question applied only to women. So I was right here again when calling this false, as I'm not a woman. They got to clean up this mess.


9/7/2017 2:35:16 PM

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Write it on your heart that every day
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9/7/2017 9:46:43 AM

KMF2018's SparkPage
5/8 Guess I'd better do some reading up on heart problems....


12/25/2015 1:52:12 AM

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Your Final Score: 6/8 Correct


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9/4/2015 1:59:09 AM

I think this is a bad idea......Nicole again behaving above and beyond her abilities, possibly giving members a false confidence in their knowledge.
And, did anyone notice "SPark Guy's inappropriate headline about seeing his "Giant Vegetables"? It was in very poor taste (NO pun intended).
Is no one watching the store here?


9/3/2015 9:03:12 PM

FANCYQTR's SparkPage
Can't believe I got these all correct. One thing I cannot understand, though, is why doctors in the ER continue to ask women if they are having chest pains, then not pay too much attention if the answer is no, when the symptom in women is often the upper abdominal pain or pain in a shoulder or wherever.


9/3/2015 2:19:29 PM

8/8 Yes, I know about heart disease!


9/3/2015 6:30:08 AM

What tests can be done to diagnose heart disease or possible heart disease?


6/4/2015 2:52:47 PM

Don't know what my score means 4/1 correct. I seriously need to read more about heart disease age doesn't seem to matter cause I'll be 39 in August better go to my doctor asap.


9/27/2014 12:43:02 PM

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9/10 Not Bad!


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9/4/2014 6:29:37 PM

Good to know


9/4/2014 3:43:46 PM

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Wow, 8/8. I surprised myself.


9/4/2014 1:42:36 PM

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