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Which Fitness Class is Right for You?

Quiz by Nicole Nichols, Certified Fitness Instructor
Group fitness classes offer social support, expert instruction and fun! If you're curious about classes, find out which fitness classes suit your workout style. Not into group fitness? Your results will also recommend fitness DVDs that you can try.

Your Results Looking for Guidance

Whether you're new to exercise or just trying your expand fitness knowledge, you tend to go straight to the experts for advice. You enjoy reading about the latest workout trends and would love to have your own personal workout guru to turn to. Group fitness classes in general are great for exercisers who are new to fitness in general, as well as seasoned exercisers who like to add variety to their routines and get new ideas.

Try these fitness classes: Basic Step, Water Aerobics, Abs classes, Jazzercise, or Yoga for Beginners. Spinning or indoor cycling classes also make great options because each student can control their workout speed and resistance levels. You'll probably get a lot out of a few personal training sessions, whether you need general instruction, help designing your own program, or fresh ideas. See if you gym offers general "Instructional" classes that are catered to both beginners and individuals who want to increase their fitness knowledge. Look for an introduction to free weights or a beginner's guide to strength training, taught by a certified trainer or instructor.

Workout videos to try: The Biggest Loser The Workout, Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Step, Bellydance Fitness for Beginners, Safe and Fit at 50, Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, Denise Austin's Burn Fat Fast


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