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Symptoms of a broken jaw can include:

  • Bruising, swelling and tenderness along your jaw or below your ear

  • The feeling that your teeth don't fit together properly or that your bite is "off"

  • Improperly aligned teeth

  • Missing teeth or loose teeth

  • Swelling or a bruised area in the gum over your jawbone

  • Difficulty opening your mouth

  • Pain in your jaw joint

  • Numbness in your lower lip or chin a possible sign of nerve damage related to the fracture

When a young child falls on his or her jaw, a deep cut may occur along with a fractured jaw. Parents or other adults may focus on stopping the bleeding and not consider signs of a jaw fracture. If the child is too young to describe some symptoms, the jaw fracture may not be discovered until the child is older and complains of bite problems (malocclusion).

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