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For people who try biofeedback, some preparation is helpful. This preparation can involve:

  • Reading about biofeedback, so that you have a general concept of the process before you start

  • Being motivated to spend the time and effort required to complete your course of biofeedback

If your doctor refers you to a therapist for biofeedback, the therapist will contact the doctor to discuss your medical history and your current health problems before you begin therapy.

If your doctor has not referred you to a biofeedback therapist, but you want to try biofeedback, call your doctor first to discuss the situation. This will give you an opportunity to hear your doctor's thoughts about biofeedback as a treatment for your specific health problem. It also will help to give your doctor a more complete picture of the treatments you are using.

Before you begin biofeedback therapy or any other form of alternative therapy, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggests that you check your therapist's credentials, experience and certification. Also, find out the cost of treatment and whether your insurance covers it.

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