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There is no way to prevent a person from developing Raynaud's. But once the disorder is present, the number of episodes of vasospasm can be reduced or even eliminated. To do so, avoid situations that can trigger events.

To avoid vasospasm:

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to the cold.

  • At home, turn up the thermostat a few degrees.

  • In very cold weather, wear a hat and mittens to conserve as much warmth as possible. Mittens protect against cold better than gloves.

  • Bundle up before you head out into the cold, rather than after you are in the cold. This ensures your arms and legs are not shocked by the temperature change.

  • Leave your coat, mittens and hat on while in the freezer or refrigerator section of the grocery store.

  • At home, use pot holders, mittens or a towel to remove items from the refrigerator.

  • Use a cup holder when drinking a cold beverage.

  • Don't smoke or use cocaine.

  • Avoid drugs (if possible) that may worsen vasospasm, such as beta-blockers. However, check with your doctor before making any changes to the medicines you take.

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