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When to Call A Doctor

Call your doctor promptly if:

  • You hear or feel a pop in your muscle at the time of injury.

  • You have severe pain, swelling or discoloration in the injured muscle.

  • Your injured muscle is obviously weak or has difficulty moving compared to the same muscle on the opposite side of your body.

  • You have mild muscle symptoms that do not improve after 48 hours.

  • You have severe back pain that makes it impossible for you to do normal daily activities, or you have mild back pain that worsens after a few days.

  • You are being treated for a strained back and your symptoms do not improve within two weeks.

  • You have back pain together with any of the following symptoms, which can signal a medical problem that is more serious than a mild back strain:

    • Fever or chills

    • Pain or a burning feeling when you urinate

    • Sudden weakness, numbness or tingling in a leg

    • Numbness in your groin or rectum

    • Difficulty controlling your bladder or bowel function

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