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Most people whose hematuria is related to exercise, medication, kidney stones, urinary tract infection or prostatitis have an excellent outlook for complete recovery.

Children with hematuria resulting from glomerulonephritis usually recover completely if their illness is mild or if it develops after a strep infection. Adults with glomerulonephritis are less likely to recover on their own, although the outlook depends on the specific type of glomerulonephritis. More severe forms of the disease eventually can lead to chronic kidney failure.

For people with kidney or bladder cancer, the outlook depends on the stage and type of tumor. In general, if a kidney or bladder tumor is diagnosed early, the cancer often can be cured.

Although people with hemophilia may have repeated bleeding episodes (including bleeding into joints, internal organs and other parts of the body), recent advances in treatment have achieved a near-normal lifespan for many patients.

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