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I can't believe what my fleas are saying about me on their blog!

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Eat less, exercise more, and alter your genetic code with the DNA of thin parents. Are you trying to auction your brussels sprouts again? Unfortunately, I have one pair of running shoes and sixteen pairs of eating shoes! If you consider the wind-chill factor, adjust for inflation, and score on a curve, I only weigh 98 pounds!
Great excuses for cheating on your diet $1.00 I always bring Rusty with me. A 10 minute walk equals a 70 minute walk in dog years! I don't count calories or carbs. Dieting is hard enough without math! Go home and let your dog lick your face. Dog saliva is the most effective antidepressant you can get without a prescription.
Tobacco is a green, leafy plant… but a cigarette does not count as a salad! Mall walking burns 300 calories per hour, which will automatically be gained back by breathing the air in the food court! Your belly button never does that? Why does it take 6 weeks to lose 5 pounds, but only 1 day to gain it all back?

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