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I need a big belly. You can't fit this much charm and personality into a small package!

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If swimming is so good for you, how come I've never had a goldfish live longer than three weeks? Everyone knows food is bad for you, but I don't know what else to eat! Care for some freshly-ground fiber on your cheese fries? I was going to get up early to go running, but my toes voted against me 10 to 1.
It's the latest advancement in cardiac pacemakers. It gives you an electric shock when it detects pizza or doughnuts in your bloodstream. You need to improve your diet. Instead of dandruff, you've got ice cream sprinkles! I've always been a high achiever, always striving for bigger, faster, greater… and now suddenly I'm expected to settle for lower blood pressure and less cholesterol? Which 'sensible diet' do you want me to follow? I found 123,942 of them on the internet!
If more than 50% of the population is obese, then I'm not overweight, I'm average! Someday, son, you'll be old enough to do anything you like. But by then you'll be too tired to like anything. Cucumber slices instead of pepperoni, vinegar instead of cheese, lettuce instead of crust-- it's diet pizza! Our Quick Start gym membership comes with a free set of press-on abs!

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