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The red circles are your red blood cells. The white circles are your white blood cells. The brown circles are donuts. We need to talk.

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My doctor told me to exercise. It gave me more energy and I got more work done. The more work I did, the more mistakes I made. Then I got fired. That's why I'm suing my doctor. I'm writing you a prescription for a daily dose of SparkPeople I must be eating right. I'm narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, just like the Food Pyramid! You can enjoy diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension or you can suffer from good health.
We have an excellent employee health plan: we built our parking garage 2 miles away from the office! If I gain 20 pounds, it will give me the motivation I need to stick to my diet! Cholesterol in my veins is a good thing-- it leaves less room for germs and viruses! I had fun, fun, fun till my doctor took the T-bone awaaaaaaaay!
How come you need $150 walking shoes, but I have to do 2 miles in bare feet?! The government sent us a check. We've failed so many diets, our kitchen qualifies as a disaster area! If swimming is so good for you, how come I've never had a goldfish live longer than three weeks? Everyone knows food is bad for you, but I don't know what else to eat!

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