Myofascial IT Band Release

Starting Position
Stack your legs to lie on your right side and place a foam roller beneath the outer thigh of your right leg, near your hip (not pictured). With both hands on the floor, cross your top (left) leg in front of the bottom leg, foot flat on the floor. Keep your shoulders relaxed, your spine long and your arms straight. Allow the weight of your body to relax onto the roller, using your arms for balance and support.

Breathe steadily as you shift your weight, allowing the foam roller to move up and down on your outer thigh (from your hip to your knee). Repeat several times and notice as tension leaves your outer thighs and IT band area. Switch sides.

Special Instructions
Tightness in the IT band can cause knee, hip and back pain, and the more painful this release feels, the more your IT band needs to be worked on (released). As you move the roller up and down by shifting your weight, find tight and sore areas of your IT band and try to hold those positions to help decrease tension. The area near the knee tends to be the tightest (and most painful) region of the IT band. Don't roll past your knee. To decrease the pain of this move, put more weight into your arms; over time, use the arms less and put more weight onto the roller as you can handle it.

Muscles Released: IT band (hips, outer thighs)

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