Standing Modified Forward Bend

Starting Position
Stand tall with back straight, abs engaged, shoulders down, and legs together.

Keeping back straight and bending knees as much as needed, hinge from your hips (not your spine or back) to fold forward, placing your hands on your thighs, shins or the floor for support. Relax your head, neck and shoulders. Imagine making a ''shelf'' with your thighs on which you can rest your ribcage.

Breathe deeply and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Special Instructions
Stretch to the point of ''mild discomfort'' in the back of the legs--not to the point of pain. You should not feel any strain or pain in your back.
Never bounce. Bend knees if necessary in order for your hands to remain in contact with the floor, your shins, or your thighs.

Muscles Stretched: Hamstrings

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