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Exercise Boosts Work Productivity

Fitness News Flash
  -- By Leanne Beattie, Health & Fitness Writer
Exercise during the workday improves job performance, British research has shown. A study by Jim McKenna from the University of Bristol showed that after exercising, participants returned to work more tolerant of themselves and more forgiving of their colleagues. Their work performance was also consistently higher, as shown by better time management and improved mental sharpness.

Researchers expected that midday exercise would enhance mood. But the boosts in productivity surprised them, proving that workplace exercise programs benefit more than just the workers—they give companies more efficient employees who work better together. Health care costs can be expected to go down for employees who exercise regularly at work, resulting in fewer sick days, better attendance and more cooperation between co-workers.

Action Sparked
If your employer offers onsite exercise facilities, start using them as often as you can. If you don’t have a gym at your office, join a local fitness club. See if your employer will help pay your membership fees—many clubs offer discounts to co-workers who join together. At the very least, bring along your walking shoes and take a heart-pumping walk instead of going out for a high-calorie lunch. After all, taking time to exercise could translate into higher pay if your job performance improves as a result.