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Over 2 Billion Calories Burned!

State of the Spark Address #3
  -- By Chris "SparkGuy" Downie, SparkPeople Founder & CEO
Hello SparkPeople Members!

I'm back with another State of the Spark Address. This time, I’m writing to tell you about a major milestone we all have all achieved together. To date, SparkPeople members have tracked and burned over 2 billion calories!

Yes, that’s 2,000,000,000—with nine zeroes! And as I write, we’re already up to 2,031,676,438, and it never stops moving. Burning that many calories is equivalent to Spinning for 4 million hours, walking over 2.5 million miles, or swimming for 200,000 continuous days. My favorite way to burn calories is to exercise with my two young boys to help them build healthy habits.

Our new Activity Stats page automatically updates the calories burned and other stats in real-time throughout the day. In addition to burning over 2 billion calories, SparkPeople members have: As SparkPeople’s Founder, I can say that our team of employees and I are both humbled and excited about these accomplishments. We’re humbled because of what these numbers represent—that hundreds of thousands of people are living healthier lifestyles. And we’re excited because these numbers continue to grow at accelerating rates since the site is growing so quickly. This is just the beginning of the adventure story we are all writing together.

I hope that all SparkPeople members feel a sense of pride in these numbers. We couldn’t do this without you using the site and Spreading the Spark to your friends!

Stay tuned—soon we’ll be launching a new program that makes it even easier (and a lot more fun!) to track your calories burned. We always have something brewing in the SparkPeople labs. Maybe our next goal will be to hit 5 billion calories burned!

Make your life an adventure!

Chris "SparkGuy" Downie