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Good News will be Where You Look for It

Optimism Lengthens Lifespan
  -- By Rachel Von Nida, Staff Writer
I am a big believer that attitude and outlook on life accounts for a lot. Research clearly shows that people are actually healthier and much happier when they wake up each day with a positive mind-set. For example, in a 23-year study by Miami and Yale Universities, people with a positive perception of aging lived 7.5 years longer.

This notion may seem idealistic these days - but the studies show that it's worth a try. We are constantly bombarded with bad news and sad stories. This negative energy, on top of everyday stress and real tragedy in our own lives, can amount to a dreary outlook on life.

Life is too short, and there ARE good people doing great things all around us. Let's concentrate on that, and celebrate it!!

Here are three simple ways we can all spread a little hope and optimism:
  1. Delight in the success of others. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who think positively. Chances are, these people enjoy life and experience success. Appreciate the achievements of those around you. Sincere compliments will give your friends and family a boost, and brighten your day as well.
  2. Approach each day with a sense of fun. Laugh at yourself and enjoy the humor in others. It may sound silly, but an honest smile can reduce your own stress while putting others at ease.
  3. Tell a good news story each day. Seek out the highlights in your day. Initiate positive conversations. Share with others your interests and hobbies. Relay success stories, such as an honor a colleague received for exceptional work. Send a note of encouragement or an inspirational quote to a friend.
Above all, choose how you live your day. 

Good News will be where you look for it next year.  Happy New Year!