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''My Fitness and Stress Went Hand in Hand''

The Success Story of Elaine
  -- By SparkPeople
After years devoted to raising five sons, caring for our aging parents, and volunteer work, I found the most neglected person in my life was me. In very many ways I have "let myself go".

I had borderline high blood pressure, was overweight, lacked a controlled exercise program, and had "on the run" eating habits. Stress came as a result of this life style.

My goals were simple: to control the stress peaks and to benefit from better health. I wanted to lose 40 pounds before our son's wedding, lower my blood pressure, and to enjoy overall better health. My heart tells me I'm 40; I wanted my body to agree.

Here is what worked - and didn't work - for me:
My Results?

A year has passed, my blood pressure is as low as it was 15 years ago, I weigh less, and I exercise regularly. Many of the goals I set a year ago are now just my normal routine. Most are so automatic to my day that I no longer require charting them.

Recently on a family outing, we made the same long hike as we did last year. At first I did not think too much about it. Then, it occurred to me how often I had to ask everyone to stop for a breather on the trek back the year before. This year, I easily kept up and had energy to spare at the end. My heart was not racing, I was not out of breath, my knee did not ache, and I enjoyed the outing. I ended the hike thinking it was so much shorter than the previous year. WOW!