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Top 10 Things You'd Be Surprised You Can Do at SparkPeople

Some of our Best Tools are Totally Unexpected
  -- By Jen Mueller and Denise Tausig, SparkPeople Community Leaders
With thousands of features on the site and new ones launching every day, it's easy to miss some here and there. It's not unusual to hear a long-time member say "I never knew SparkPeople had this!" and sometimes, it refers to a feature that has been here for years! We thought it would be helpful to compile a "Top 10 List" of list of things you might be surprised you can do at Hopefully you'll learn about some new features that you can start using to help you reach your healthy living goals!

1. Access workout videos on SparkPeople.TV. Did you know there are over 500 FREE workout videos right here on SparkPeople? That means you can get a great workout without ever leaving home! Go to SparkPeople.TV to browse or search for workouts based on the type of exercise and how much time you have available. Save favorite workouts to your SparkPeople.TV workouts profile for easy access. Once you have completed a workout, one click adds the calories burned to your fitness tracker.  It’s that easy! 
2. Learn the Secrets of Success. Ever wonder how other members have found weight loss success? Secrets of Success is the feature where members share tips for losing weight and their secrets to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for tips or have your own to share, check out Secrets of Success. Help yourself while helping others, too!
3. Join a Challenge. Are you looking for a challenge to help you reach your goals or looking for new and fun ways to develop healthier habits? Challenge Central has a wide variety of SparkPeople challenges to fit your needs. From making small changes to taming your sweet tooth or training for a 5K, there are challenges for everyone.
4. Connect fitness trackers and/or apps to your SparkPeople account. Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. Luckily, there are a variety of trackers and apps you can connect to your SparkPeople account. Sync your device to automatically upload your workouts to your account to make fitness tracking simple.
5. Track on the go. Did you know that you can take SparkPeople with you when you're away from home? Using our wide variety of apps, such as SparkPeople Mobile, SparkRecipes, and Pep, you can easily stick to your healthy living plan when you’re on-the-go. Or if you have a phone with a web browser, you can use the “mobile web” version of the site, which includes tracking food, fitness, SparkTeams, and SparkMail. Who knew tracking anywhere could be so easy?

6. Vote for the best blogs. Sometimes you read someone's blog and think, "Wow! That was so good, other people should read it, too." Well, you can help them find it by clicking the  "I Liked This" button at the bottom of the blog. When enough members agree, it will show up on the list of popular blog posts. Checking out this page regularly can lead you to blogs that are inspiring, raise important questions, or show you that others are going through similar experiences.

7. See your monthly progress at a glance. The SparkSummary Calendar is an interactive tool that allows you to see how you've been doing so far this month along with the activities that are planned for the days ahead. You can customize what items you'd like to see on your calendar, such as fitness minutes, calories eaten, SparkPoints, and more.

8. Upload a video blog. Any member with a SparkPage can upload a video blog. Whether you are demonstrating something or just discussing your progress and how you're feeling, video blogs are another way to communicate with other members and document your healthy lifestyle journey.

9. Learn the secrets of our most popular tools. This series of four site tutorial videos will help you learn about the key tools SparkPeople has to offer. The videos cover the basics of the Nutrition and Fitness trackers, your Start page, and the SparkPeople Community features.

10. Find motivation when things get tough. Check out SparkPeople's motivational quotations, a large collection of inspiring words about a variety of topics such as friendship, determination, and more.

If you're new to SparkPeople, the Getting Started Guide will introduce you to some of the site's key tools and features, so take your time getting familiar with everything. If you want to be in the know when we release new features and updates, follow the SparkPeople Blog. That's where we make announcements about all of the new and exciting things happening on the site and offer tips for using and finding the new features we create.

The site is changing every day in response to member requests and needs. We do our best to offer the tools and resources you need to reach all of your goals, and hope you take advantage of everything SparkPeople has to offer!