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What Is a SparkRally?

Meet Up with SparkPeople Members in Your City
  -- By SparkPeople
A SparkRally is a meeting or event (held at a public or private gathering place) that provides an opportunity for you to meet up with other SparkPeople members who live in your city. SparkTeam leaders can organize and host SparkRallies, and local Team members can choose whether or not they want to attend.  You can find SparkRallies on your local city team homepage, right at the top of all your resources.

There are lots of reasons why a SparkTeam leader might organize a SparkRally, but no matter what the event or reason, SparkRallies can be fun and motivating ways for members to get to know each other. SparkRallies are intended to have members meet up and learn more about health and wellness, but should be non-commerical events.  Here are some of the most common SparkRallies that you might want to try for yourself!

The possibilities for SparkRally events and outings are only limited by your imagination! By hosting (or attending) a SparkRally, you can get even more motivation, support, and ideas from SparkPeople's vibrant and positive Community of health-minded people. Plus, SparkRallies are fun! So what are you waiting for? Organize or sign up for a SparkRally today!

*SparkRallies are organized and run by members. SparkPeople does not endorse, sponsor or organize these Rallies or other member-organized offline meetings.