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Getting Started with SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit

You've Got Your Kit. Now What?
  -- By Nicole Nichols, Fitness Instructor
Congratulations on purchasing SparkPeople's Fitness Starter Kit! You've taken the first step in making fitness—and all the benefits that come with it—a priority in your life. So you've got the kit…but where do you begin? This article will help direct you to the information and resources you need to start exercising with your kit and reach your fitness goals!

Fitness Starter Kit Page
We created the Fitness Starter Kit Page ( to house all the resources and information you need to use your kit and reach your fitness goals. If you ever want more exercise ideas or tips to using your Kit, you can easily refer to that page for answers and ideas. There, you'll find links to additional SparkPeople resources that are 100% free, including: streaming online workout videos, animated exercise demos, answers and community support from the Fitness Starter Kit SparkTeam, and more.

How to Use the Items in Your Fitness Starter Kit
Here's a quick rundown of the pieces of equipment in your kit, and how you can use them. Putting it All Together
Now you understand that your band and ball are used for strength training and that your pedometer will help you get more active and potentially begin a cardio exercise program, here are a few more tips that will help you design a workout program that works for you! Lastly, we encourage you to join our Fitness Starter Kit SparkTeam. Here, you can ask questions, join challenges, and get support and motivation from others just like you who are using the SparkPeople Fitness Starter Kit. Community support is an integral part of the SparkPeople program—once you join, we're sure you'll agree!

Thanks again for purchasing your Fitness Starter Kit! Good luck reaching your fitness goals!

Add these Workouts to Your Fitness Tracker!
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