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Reward Yourself & Others with SparkGoodies!

Use SparkPoints to Buy Virtual Gifts
  -- By SparkPeople
You can use the SparkPoints you earn on the site to buy virtual “goodies” for yourself and other SparkPeople members. Use them to reward yourself for working hard to achieve your healthy goals (with a vacation, a new wardrobe, or haircut), to thank other members for their advice and support (with greeting cards, balloons, and flower bouquets), or to decorate your own SparkPage with more of your own interests (a guitar, hybrid car, or knitting needles).

Why Buy SparkGoodies?
SparkPoints are one of our most popular motivational tools, as they reward you for every positive action you take to reach your goals, from reading an article to logging your food intake. Earning SparkPoints is a simple way to measure your progress and feel accomplished, even when the scale doesn’t move.

SparkGoodies take these Points to the next level! You can spend the Points you earn on virtual gifts, allowing you to reward yourself and others for a job well done.

How it Works
Giving, receiving and managing your SparkGoodies is simple! Just follow these steps:
  1. Earn SparkPoints by completing tasks on the site. The more SparkPoints you accumulate, the more you’ll have to spend on Goodies!
  2. Buy SparkGoodies for yourself or another member.
  3. When you purchase SparkGoodies, your total SparkPoints earned will remain unchanged, meaning that you will keep your current trophy and your place on the SparkPoints leaderboards. As an example, if you’ve earned 5,000 SparkPoints to date and you buy a Goodie worth 500 points, your SparkPoints total will remain 5,000 and only your purchasing power will change (5,000 – 500 = 4,500 points to spend). You can learn more about your SparkGoodies purchasing power on your SparkGoodies Details page.
To Give a SparkGoodie to Another Member:
To Buy a SparkGoodie for Yourself:
We hope that you enjoy giving and receiving SparkGoodies! If you have questions, please post them in the Site/Technical Help forum.