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Winter Workout Safety Tips

How Cold is Too Cold?


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Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better. - Jim Rohn ~ 3/8/18 Report
Thank you. Report
Use good judgement Report
I'll be walking indoors today. It's near zero here. Report
I love the cold weather. Report
My husband and I have been known to just tromp around up and down our driveway in really cold (to us Kansas wimps) weather - it's boring but we are safer the our neighborhood curves banking road that ices up really bad. The other thing I have noticed about these hyperthermia issues is that some (not all) of the symptoms are very much like the symptoms of dehydration. We tend to have dry cold in Kansas and it's easy to notice "cardiac creep" - even though we don't "feel thirsty", we are dehydrating because the cold dry wind just saps the water out of our bodies. (That's why laundry hung out to dry on the clothesline dries so fast! Sure, it is hard as a board, but once inside the house it softens up and it's dry!). So we have seen that we seem to last longer in the dry cold if we are careful to drink water often (and we don't seem to need to use the loo any more than usual...). Of course, if you have a medical condition and your doctor says to stay indoors and not drink as much water, then of course you need to do what is best for you. I'm just sharing some of our experiences. Report
Don't forget frostbite!!! Report
The dangers of ice and snow are all to real. My sister slipped and fell on ice that was covered by fresh snow. She broke her leg and needed two surgeries to insert a rod and screws. She was out of commission "workout" wise for almost two years because it took that long to heal. Be careful out there. Getting that run in is not worth serious injury. Report
I really get frustrated with a lot of the weather related comments…I live on the Canadian prairies where it has been -35 to -48 and our runners and snowshoe clubs are active daily.Its all in education and an investment in adequate winter gear and how to use it with full facial masks similar to snowmobilers but lighter.Exercise is a daily must here in preventing seasonal affect disease,depression and just plain obesity, and let's face it my life here is winter Nov-April if we are lucky! Report
Too bad almost the entire winter here is extremely cold with high wind, snow and ice. Thank goodness for treadmills. Report
This year I decided to join a marathon training group and we have ran in single and just barely over single digit temperatures. I don't like being cold so I do layer. I was nervous my first run day, but I found 'wicking' shirts and running pants that keep me quite warm so layering does work. Report
I find walking in all weather has hardened my immunesystem up 100% I use the many layers system and am always toasty warm even at -18 plus.. I also wear skiing glasses so the cold weather doesn't sting my eyes or vehicles flick ice up in my face.. I don't run in snow weather because a person can never know if there is a solid layer of slippery ice under the snow and fall...
I also keep my mp3 and pedometer tucked in within layers of clothing- these can switch off at very low tempers.. Report
The Article should make note that those with Sever Health Conditions such as Heart Disease and Asthma, should NOT expose themselves to such extreme cold temperatures and be involved in strenuous activities. Doing so could bring on a heart attack, stroke, or worse- sudden death. This happened to my Father In Law just clearing snow from his wind shield in about 32* temps. Take Care. Report
This helped me understand what happened on my bike yesterday. My normal 90 min ride took me 105 and I was weak and exhausted which is unusual. Who would have thought in AZ I would have this problem. This is the coldest winter I remember. We actually got snow and it NEVER stays on the ground and this lingered in shade for more than two days. I will dress warmer! Report
Great article. I lived in Chicago years ago and was pregnant and had to go out in -14 weather at night to a meeting. I got caught in a strong wind walking from the college parking lot and by the time I got into the building I was having uncontrollable shaking. There happened to be a doctor at the meeting who attended to me. Afterwards, I got a lecture on how being 8-months pregnant was an added risk for hypothermia. Security brought my car to the door when I was ready to go home. Report

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