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Printable 20-Minute Dumbbell Workout

Take the Video With You!


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Good variety to select from. Report
This is great, but the "printability" left a lot to be desired. Report
Love this! Report
Love this workout but very disappointed that the "printable" version is so unprintable. Report
This awesome. Also help with my arms. Report
This is a great idea, but is there anyway to get this as a downloadable pdf? When I try to print this, it's shrinking and squishing the page to the point where I can't read it. Report
ok this will help me use mine more productively Report
I'm pleased to find this. I go to the gym weekdays, but not on the weekend, and want to set myself up at home for weekend workouts. We have a treadmill, so I can do cardio, but no weight machines for strength, so a basic dumbbell workout is just what I need!
Thanks. Report
Ditto to what Cosetteworld said. I would love to have printable versions of the exercises done in the videos. Thanks! Report
Than you this is awesome, I can't bring my computer to the gym, but i love to get suggestions for free weight workouts. I try to switch it up a little every time I strength train. More of these printable thingies would rock! Report
Thanks so much. Report

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