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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Fill Your Wish List with 50 Healthy Gift Ideas


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Might order the Spark cookbook & put it under the tree for me!! Report
I’m going to wrap some of these up and put them under the tree for myself. Report
Can you forward this list to Santa please. Report
Great advice! Report
Unless the person you are giving a gift already is into fitness and exercise, a lot of these ideas could result in resentment instead of appreciation. Report
These suggestions are still good today! Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Great ideas. Report
I still have all my healthy cookbooks going back to the 1960’s......they look nice on the shelf, offer some amusement now. Oh, I’m still working on the weight issue.......... Report
Wake up every day vowing to do one positive action to move you closer to your goal. Report
GREAT list! My mini trampoline arrives today. Next week, my kit to convert my bicycle into a stationary bike for the winter. I have my new tennis shoes on my feet now! Look out 2016, here I come! Report
Something to add for fitness foodies!! Check out Undiscovered Kitchen’s Artisan Energy Snacks Gift Box (gluten free option too) with healthy artisan snacks from makers across the country :)
I would add:
- Resistance bands
- Chic or cute measuring equipment (like this:
ps-of-flower-measuring-spoons) Report
Wrap up some magic, some of these things, after awhile, lose their luster, too. Report

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