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The Perks and Pitfalls of Isometrics

How to Add Isometric Exercises to Your Strength Workouts


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Thanks for sharing. Great information Report
great. Report
Maybe I'd rather do isometrics only! Report
Isometrics are a fantastic way to work the muscles! Report
Something new to try. Report
Interesting Report
Thank you. Report
Great suggestion of how to get in some beneficial exercise in a short amount of time! Report
Thanks! Report
Old post, but relevant for today Report
Nice, thank you for the insight into more ways to move or not move your body for health! :) Report
It is utter nonsense to say that isometrics only strengthen muscles at the position they are exercised, and within a few degrees of that.
When a muscle is contracted the WHOLE muscle contracts and not just a part of it. Muscles are not divided in to sections!! Report
Loved the tips. I'm going to look into setting up some kind of routine where I can do these at work to round out my regular fitness routine. Report
I prefer not using weights during exercise. I love doing planks and isometric type exercises. This is an article well worth saving! I can do most of the exercises and already do some of them!

Thanks so much SP.

Nola Report

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