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Green Fitness Gear

Tread Lightly with Gear that's Good for the Earth


  • I was thinking before I read this, i am not very 'green' at all. Then I discovered, things I have done for personal preference and ease are Green.

    3 Yrs ago, Santa brought me 2 Nalgene 32ox water bottles - use religiously
    5 Yrs ago, I discoved SmartWool stocks - aside from the cost, LOVE 'EM
    2 Yrs ago, Yoga mat: I bought a rubber one - again for comfort and ease for no green thoughts involved.
    4yeas ago - bought a Eureka tent - for car camping. We are thinking of getting a new one, but naturally thought of givings/selling ours to Wilderness Exchange not throwing it out.
    2.5 years ago - discovered Wilderness Exchange - where new and used equipment go to live a new life. My husband got some great 'GoLite' clothing for almost nothing. Saved us tons of money, more items not in a landfill, and they looked like they had never been worn.
    Utensils for camping: Lexan or Titanium - no disposable plastics.
    It was a revelation to both of us that we were actually being pretty green about things. Now that we are more aware - we will do even better.
    - 4/18/2009 7:15:34 AM
  • I was unaware of this BPA issue. I reuse a big blue plastic bottle everyday from Eddie Bauer (it was a freebie). Maybe I should reconsider... - 4/18/2009 1:11:29 AM
  • My old bottle is now holding nut and bolts in my garage/shed and I purchased 3 new BPA free bottles for the family! - 9/24/2008 12:41:26 AM
  • Great article. We ALL need to do as much as possible to say the environment. DON'T WASTE. - 8/15/2008 9:39:15 AM
  • Toxic Nalgene Bottles

    Zanknits pointed out that there has been some cause for concern with Nalgene bottles leaching BPA, which mimics estrogen. In talking with a friend who works for REI, I believe that the old Nalgene bottles are actually safe enough for adults who aren't letting water sit in them for ages (and then drinking it) or have used the bottle to hold booze (it sounds silly but lots of people, especially college students use them this way),

    However, if you don't already own them, you might as well buy a Nalgene made of BPA-free plastic. They're doing a whole line now. I think it's or something like that. Nalgenes are good because they are dishwasher safe, don't hold tastes or odors, and, once they've been used for ages, they are recycleable.

    I have a little grudge against them though because when I asked if they would be doing a swap out program for the old Nalgenes, they just said that the FDA says it's safe so I'm SOL. I replied, reminding them that they also said it was safe to prescribe thallidomide to pregnant women but Nalgene never got back to me. So I kind of want to avoid them.

    If you're going for stainless steel, I would vote Kleen Kanteen. I don't remember why but I compared them and Sigg and liked them better. Maybe it was the dishwasher safeness? That's a big thing for me because I get grossed out by bacteria that could be growing in there so I like to run my water bottles through the dishwasher. - 6/10/2008 4:15:59 PM
  • is the website for nike to donate old sneakers. Click on reuse-a-shoe and drop off locations - 4/5/2008 5:09:22 AM
    Don't use Nagalene bottles! The plastic leaches toxins into the water (google it; I'm not sure how to link an article here). Go for a durable aluminum bottle instead. - 2/11/2008 11:07:06 AM
    Don't use Nagalene bottles! The plastic leaches toxins into the water (google it; I'm not sure how to link an article here). Go for a durable aluminum bottle instead. - 2/11/2008 11:06:44 AM
  • WT ... thanks for the info regarding recycling athletic shoes. I have a pair that I'm ready to recycle. I've been a tad too lazy to look for places to drop them off at ... no 'scuses now!!!

    Kenya - 12/18/2007 11:35:47 PM
  • Recycle your shoes! There are Nike shoe stores around the US that accept old running shoes. They are torn up for their components instead of going to the landfill. Thanks for the great article! - 11/27/2007 6:05:19 PM
  • Good article, important topic. If we truly care about healthy lifestyle, it is logical that we think in terms of both self and environment. - 11/27/2007 11:52:26 AM

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