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How to Get Six Pack Abs

Fitness Secrets for a Flat, Toned Tummy


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  • At 58 yrs old, i'm more about stronger abs than 6 pack abs
  • Well, I don't want to be unhealthy, so I am not going to go for "abs". And if lowering her body fat so much means a woman won't menstruate, I think it is a horrible idea for women.
  • I'm wondering why, in none of the abs exercisers rowing isn't mentioned. This exercise works all the major muscle groups and, for those who suffer with OA, does not put excessive strain on their back, knees or hips.
    Great article, and are the only two websites that have the exact information I've wanted for so long. Big thanks!
    Hi, Coach! I just read your article on Spark People about getting rid of belly fat. Great advice! I did have a question (it may actually be a dumb one!). You said that only cardio exercise burned belly fat, which I have heard before, but I am not sure which exercises you mentioned are cardio. I think I understand that working with the balls and doing Pilates are more for toning, maybe after you've gotten rid of your big belly, right? What kind of cardio exercise do you recommend? I like walking, but not running, yoga, dancing and want to try Zumba and am open to Pilates. Can you give me some direction, here? I know you must be crazy busy so thank you, thank you, thank you AND CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ARRIVAL OF YOUR NEW BABY!
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  • A good article. But shedding fat upto 8% is well below a healthy rate of fat in body. Abdominal may look great but the face will look like a piece of dry date with such a low content of fat in the body.
    Thank! Great article.
  • My goal (dream) is 20% body fat, so to see that I'd have to be 14% to have serious ab definition is in some weird way comforting. I guess that since its so unattainable, not because of impossibility but because to do so would mean living a lifestyle that would not make me happy, that it makes me appreciate the semi flat abs I currently have. Funny how such a small thing can be so eye opening.
  • I have so much blubber over my abs muscles no one would realize that under all that fat are developed muscles used for singing. However, to get all that fat off would require extensive cardio workout, a caloric intake of no more than 1200 calories and rigorous strength training. I wish I could do the exercises shown, but I can't and I know I can't. But at least I know that doing 50 crunches a day isn't the answer.
  • Martial arts are good exercise for the midsection because every movement begins there, since the upper and lower body drive each other and the midsection ties them together. These movements are best done as an intense activity/rest cycle, which is a good way to exercise if you want to tone muscles as well as burn fat. These fit in well as part of a bigger program, which should probably include weights, long walks, etc. They don't require equipment or even much space. You can do them during television commercials.

    Diet is a really big part of how your abs look, as this article points out. There was a time when I went beyond just having a six pack and had an entire keg, even though I was doing a lot of intense exercise and working construction all day. Diet discipline is essential to a flat stomach, at least for most of us.
  • As a follow-up to my comment below, it looks like "confusion" starts even before you read this article, lol! The title of the Spark email that contained a link to this article was:

    How to Lose Weight from Your Belly

    There is no way to spot lose fat from ANYWHERE on your body. Your body pulls out fat from wherever it deems appropriate, and you have virtually no control over that.
  • I've read this article a couple of times and I think the confusion begins right in the title. It reads:

    How to Get Six Pack Abs
    Fitness Secrets for a Flat, Toned Tummy

    Those are two different things. Six-pack abs may be concealed under that flat, toned tummy. But the muscle definition will only show if the body fat drops below a certain percentage. You certainly have to work hard to develop the muscles to that degree, but they still won't show unless you're willing to lose A LOT of your body fat. That actually requires rather specialized diet constraints that most non-athletes wouldn't be interested in.

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