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Jumping Rope for Fitness

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1/3/2010 10:37:14 PM

Good Idea ..... Can't wait to add it into my workout tomorrow. I will be taking my jump rope with me to the gym tomorrow!


11/13/2009 8:47:18 PM

SEJULY's SparkPage
my trainer actually had me jumping rope during my worksession this morning. Haven't done it in years. Was alot of fun.


10/13/2009 5:51:51 AM

I love jumping rope as a kid, but as a 65 yr. old with knees that are not the best, I think I will leaven all that jumpin up to others!!!


2/23/2009 4:42:20 PM

KATEWEST's SparkPage
I am so excited to add jumping rope to my cardio exercises!! I used to jump rope as a kid and loved it. I'm going out to buy a skipping rope after work today. :)


2/22/2009 7:38:07 PM

NOTAGAIN_2012's SparkPage
I loove to jump rope once I start doing it - as with most people I fight my lazy self before I exercise, but once I start i'm golden. I created a playlist that keeps me moving while I jump rope -it's fast and heavy on the bass. I jump rope every other day.


2/22/2009 12:02:34 PM

Jumping rope is truly great and as the below person said, it does help rid oneself of belly fat!


1/24/2009 10:15:19 AM

I started jumping rope to lose the last couple of pounds after i had my daughter, that was almost 3 years ago and i have kept it up with 20 minutes of rope jumping at 150 turns a minute everyday. its an excellent exercise and i gave up doing my ad exercises because my abs looked better after a few months of jumping rope then they did after 10 years of ab exercises, definately something to atleast try


9/5/2008 12:16:08 PM

I'm intrigued by the great benefits this seems to suggest.

When the article says that jumping rope for 10 minutes has the same benefit as jogging for 30 minutes -- what does that mean, really? According to the Fitness Tracker, the calories are not similar (10 minutes of fast rope jumping = 180 calories burned while 30 minutes of slow jogging (12-minute mile) = 384. It wouldn't keep your heart rate up for the typically recommended 30-60 minute period.

I know, I know, I could do it for longer than 10 minutes. But I'd like to understand more about the claim of 10 minutes of jumping equalling 30 minutes of jogging.


9/5/2008 10:03:51 AM

Great job you guys keep up the work !!!


7/15/2008 2:30:52 PM

TEACH48's SparkPage
During the school year, I jumped rope every other day. I didn't realize the great benefits of jumping rope.


6/27/2008 1:11:40 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
We use to do this in school every day and it was FUN.


6/9/2008 5:47:50 PM

Possible my favorite cardio exercise especially if I'm short on time. I've really worked up my stamina by using the program described in the article.


6/8/2008 5:08:40 AM

AMBER1030's SparkPage
It just dawned on me that I could jump rope at work without a video or leaving for the I looked it up! I can't wait to try this out!!! Great idea for shift workers/people who work a lot. I could even add it into my morning without having to wake up much earlier (0330 is bad enough!) GREAT!! I am so excited!!


5/13/2008 6:49:25 AM

URMAMI2001's SparkPage
I started a prgram this monday. I jump rope for 15 minutes. I do about 3 sessions of 5 minutes. Thats about 210 calories for 15 minutes. I do this 5 times a week. Thats 1050 calories a week. I am trying to keep this pace for a month. Thats a little more than a pound a month just with 15min of jumping rope. Thats if my eating is controlled of course. I love jumping rope, its fun, fast and your legs get fast results.


4/15/2008 2:55:41 AM

I use jumping rope as a part of interval training. Just 10-15 mins is very beneficial: Jump all out for 1-2 minutes, then march or step side to side for 1-2 heart rate monitor lets me know how many calories I burn and its usually a lot! Pretty close to going for a 30 min. run. If you're pressed for time...consider jumping rope! Oh, and its fun too! :o)

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