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Jumping Rope for Fitness

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  • I really wish I could jump rope but I'm not able to do any impact activities due to a knee injury.
  • I've tried it before and it is HARD! I am thinking about incorporating it back into my routine but I know that I need to build up to it, so I was glad to see this article.
  • ANIMATOR606432
    I LOVE jumping rope as a part of my work out. It's fun and it burns a lot of calories in very little time. Also, it's the perfect exercise equipment to take for somebody who is on the rode lot.
  • I have a jump rope. But I have used it over a year because of my hip. But I am going to get on my car porch tomorrow and see what I do. I love jump rope. When I was a kid I was the #1.
  • Okay, as a kid I always had the hardest time skipping rope, I don't know if I get the concept of how/when your hands move the rope and when to jump. I think I would jsut once and then forget to keep the rope moving! But for a cheap rope, I will try again.... Another one that was just too crazy for me was the cartwheel.... WHAAT how do you do that? I just can't see how that works!? haha

    Any tips for a first timer? I'm only 24... I should know how to jump rope! I'd love to add it in on my off days for an extra little something!
    Does Nicole have a video you can buy of her 10 minute jump rope?
    If you can't last the 10 minutes, can you add up your revolutions?
    Useful steps for leather skipping ropes:

    Leather skipping rope hurts when it hit your legs. Beginners should exercise with cotton skipping ropes, especially if you want learn new tricks.
    You may get tripped by the rope, be sure to jump where the landing is soft enough that you probably won't get hurt.
    Choose an open area to jump rope and be aware of who and what is around you to avoid whipping someone.
    Be careful when you are doing things like the criss-cross trick mentioned above.
    it is advised to school children to not use leather skipping rope.
    Before starting with leather or weighted skipping rope, please concern with your personal trainer.
    why people like leather skipping ropes

    The leather skipping ropes are heavier then other ropes. Usually leather ropes have ball bearing funtions which gives smooth and precise floating movements and faster rope spin . Users can insert or remove the weight from handles. Leather ropes twist less than the PVC ropes. Mostly Boxers and professional Athlets use these Leather skipping ropes give excellent momentum and perfect for indoor and out door skipping.
    If You are looking for high quality skipping ropes or you wand to learn more about skipping please visit

    Laric-Sports guide jumper to improve their skills and provide them worlds best quality skipping ropes.

  • Jumping rope is a pretty challenging activity. I've tried doing it for just 5 minutes (going about an 8 on the exertion scale) and that 5 minutes felt like it lasted an eternity. My heart was pounding pretty hard and I was winded by the end.

    I thought because I've been jogging for a couple of months that I could do 5 minutes without it being too hard, but jumping rope is tough! You really work for all those calories burned!

    I decided to incorporate rope jumping into my cardio routine after that experience. If it's hard then it's definitely worth doing!
  • LADYK57
    Great article! I went to Wal*Mart last night and got a rope for around $5 in the Sporting Goods section. And then I picked up a kitchen timer (the kind you wind). I had my first 'session' last night in the garage - set the timer for 10 minutes and maybe had enough wind and strength to jump for 5 of those 10 minutes! Mostly I did 35 revolution sets, but I did do one 50 revolution set. Well it's a start anyway! I bet it would have been funny to watch this 54 year old overweight woman doing that!!! It sure is good cardio - my heart was POUNDING after each set! Thanks for the very helpful info!
    Review the Buddy Lee jump rope video for starting. He explains how to start and learn the correct form. It's actually low impact. I have a rebuilt knee and you should really only be jumping about 1-2" off the ground and no concrete surface workouts. Easier on the knees. There is also a really great 10 minute video on Sparkpeople that you should check out also using interval training.
  • looking forward to jumping with my daughter.
  • I started using my jump rope about 4 weeks ago, at first I could only do about 8 revolutions without messing up and becoming winded, now I am up to 50-60 at a time. I do it in my barn because I have nice thick rubber stall mats.

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