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30 Days to Greater Happiness

A Tip of the Day Calendar for November or Any Month


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    I broke my leg over a year ago and wish there were some exercises that didn't require standing. Swimming is very helpful for me but I can't swim everyday.
    This is a load of crap. How can I start a new hobby and fins time to sleep. maybe I will just start on 11.03 and learn some black magic.
  • I don't usually print these out. I've been on SparkPeople for over 2 years now and finally decided it would be a good idea. So, now it's going on my refrigerator, and we'll see how this works for me!
    The best happiness ideas I've yet seen...!
    Grow a garden at the end of November? LOL... Some good ideas here but that one missed by a smidge.
    What an absolutely delightful calendar this is...and during such a rainy, cold, and gloomy month in our part of the world. Thanks, SparkPeople...and especially Coach Nicole :)
  • This one wouldn't print for me. It has good suggestions though.
  • This one wouldn't print for me. It has good suggestions though.
  • This one wouldn't print for me. It has good suggestions though.
  • KAREN557
    Just what I need. Sometimes it really helps to have something to focus on. Thank you
  • You wouldn't need to grow a garden outside. Even growing herbs in pots on the window sill are fun to watch. Plant an avocado pit in a pot, or cut a sweet potato in half, put toothpicks around the circumference to hold it up and grow it in some water.
    I thought it was good to, but think that it is a bit silly to recommend growing a garden in November. A bit hard to do where I live!
    Thank you for the November Happiness calendar. Some things I can't do, such as growing a garden because of where I live, and some things I already do such as I have a strong spiritual life (although there's always room for improvement). So I printed the calendar, and just taped over those days with other things I need to be happy about, such as the times I resisted the every-present binge desire, the happiness I felt when a tight garment wasn't as tight and not blaming the dryer for shrinking the garment, the happiness of trying a new healthy version of a recipe and being surprised and happy that it came out equally delicious, etc. These are happy reminders to me that if I controlled my actions once, I can do it again especially as we enter the holiday season, which unfortunately for me, is a binge frenzy! Perhaps this time looking at my personal revised Happiness Calendar, I will be able to have better control of my actions. Thank you again!
    SP's best calendar yet! Every day features a suggestion that cannot fail to boost your happiness yield. I'll be sure to send it to a number of friends and relatives! Whoever compiled this baby deserves all the happiness in the world.
  • this couldnt have come at a better time :)

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