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Super Healthy Soups

How to Make a Healthy Selection


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  • started on making my summer cold soups
  • Parents (not televisions) should talk to children during dinnertime.
  • I have become a true label reader even if I am making my own soup. have to make sure the broth and vegetables have the lowest sodium levels out there
  • I don't even buy the canned soups any more - way too much sodium in them. I will now make a huge pot of soup and then put it into smaller containers and freeze it. Then I just take one out, put in fridge to thaw, reheat and enjoy. This way I have much better control of the sodium content of what I eat every day. Thanks Goodness for a deep freezer :)
  • I try to keep my sodium (preferably naturally occurring) intake under 300 mgs per meal, so most prepackaged soups are off my list. I always buy the low- or no-salt added items wherever possible.
  • Because we are committed to eating, and serving others, organic, NON-GMO real food, am very glad to see both AMY'S ORGANIC and PACIFIC ORGANIC soups included on this (2007) list. Pacific Foods and Amy's are the only two brands that I would willingly select from this list. As often as possible (very often), I also prefer making my own soups. Especially easy-to-make ones, like bean soups, and lentil soups. Thanks again!
  • I make my own soup! Two calories per minute of kitchen time burnt, all the fresh ingredients, exactly the way I like it, and as little sodium as I wish! Endless flavors and so economical!
    The most disappointing thing about some of the better brands, is just how loaded with sodium they are. I stopped buying canned soups a while ago. If I don't make it, we don't have it!
  • A caution I did not see or may have missed. Most cans of soup make two servings so if you eat an entire can for lunch double the calorie count. I often have a Progresso lunch with fruit.
  • I love soup and love to make it myself! Thanks for the great article. I will look up healthy soup recipes here.
  • I used to buy canned soups all the time - now it is pretty rare. It takes longer, but the sodium is very motivating to change and our family likes them.
  • Why not make your own homemade soup? Read the INGREDIENTS, not the calorie/fat info, and you will see that canned soups and broths contain all kinds of artificial and appetite-stimulating ingredients.

    Take the time to make a big pot of slow-simmered bone broth from organic soup bones. Throw in some veggies and healthy fat (grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive or avocado oil.

    Becky, you are in the pockets of the food industry, which does not make you a champion of my health, nor a reliable source of nutrition information.
  • I made chicken rice veggie soup today. Very low in sodium and so good. Especially when I think I'm getting a cold.

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