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What to Eat This Fall

Enjoy the Season's Freshest Foods


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  • One of my favorite fall and winter breakfasts is apples with oatmeal or any other hot cereal.
    I cut up and sautee apples with a little real maple syrup and walnuts, add the liquid (milk or water) and oats and cook til the oats are ready.
  • The very easiest way to cook winter squash is to pierce it with a knive 3 or 4 times and then microwave it for 7 to 12 minutes depending on the size.
  • Thank you so much SP for encouraging us all to eat local and be kinder to the environment! A healthy lifestyle for each of us should include one that's healthy for the world we live in too. :) And can't wait to try Swiss Chard!
  • It was nice to see some good ideas of what to buy, but almost EVERY serving suggestion included butter, cheese, or ice cream. I would have liked to see some healthier preparation methods paired with these healthy foods. Alternatives to butter, salt, and sugar would have been great suggestions.
  • Great article - I especially liked the idea of sauteeing the apple slices!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this article -- it was not only informative and interesting, it also was so descriptive that I can't wait to head off to my local farmers market and pack my bags with fresh apples and squash.

    And the timing of this article was perfect -- after all, it IS the first day of autumn. Happy Autumn everyone!!
  • Our town is just getting it's first farmers' market! I can't wait to check out the local produce. It starts October 3rd and runs through December 1st.
    Farmers' markets are great and a positive way to support your local economy. Keep in mind, though, that not all food found in these markets is local and some comes from the same channels as supermarket foods. If you`re interested in local foods, be sure to ask the vendor where it came from.

    If you are interested in going further but just don't know where to start, the following two links are pretty good resources:

    Once you start digging deeper, you will probably be amazed (and shocked) to find out what goes on behind our backs in the food system and until we start asking questions and demanding answers, it will continue to be hidden.
    Wonderfully written and a great reminder. I've been hearing more and more about seasonal shopping/eating; and it's wonderful to see how easy and tastefully it can be accomplished....
    DEE-NICE thanks for the website address!
  • Another way to cook acorn squash is in the microwave - prick the skin well, place it stem end down in a bowl or on a plate (microwave-safe, of course), then nuke on high for about 8 minutes. I then use an oven mitt, cut the squash in half and take out the seeds. The squash should be somewhat mushy when done so it will scoop out easily.
  • Great well-written article. It was especially nice that instead of just a list of seasonal foods, she included how to cook them. Thanks! I learned a lot and will be trying some new-to-me vegetables.
  • Good idea.
    This website will help you find what's in season in your area:
  • I always prefer to eat what's seasonal. It's fresher and more nutritious and is generally cheaper.

    Meat and fish are also seasonal. Right now the best buys on that front are:

    guinea fowl
    wood pigeon

    grey mullet
    john dory
    lemon sole
    sea bass
    sea bream
  • Local harvests are the best! We grow a fair amount of our own foods and can or freeze them for the winter months. We go to a local pick-ur-own apple orchards and pick our winter supply of apples. They are not 100% ripe but ripen slowly as the winter starts to settle in upon us.

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