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''How I Found My Inner Spark''

One Member Shares Her Life-Changing Moment


  • Your story inspired me today. Thanks - 10/24/2014 10:05:49 AM
  • Thank you for the article. I like you was pudgy as a teenager and my whole adult life has been a roller coaster ride of scales moving up and down, (mostly up).
    I'd like to accomplish that same goal, 65 lbs and like you, I need to do it alone. It's an autonomy thing, I think.
    Best regards,
    Reenie - 10/4/2014 1:35:57 PM
  • You have a great story! Wishing you even more success on your future goals! - 10/4/2014 1:32:54 PM
  • RESTART1125
    Thank You,
    I know I can do this. Your story is great!!!
    - 2/19/2014 1:24:40 AM
  • Thank you for sharing your story. We all need that one thing that motivates us. Yours is your coat. I still need to find that thing that will inspire me to go all the way with my health. You gave me something to think about. - 1/25/2014 11:27:02 AM
  • Thank you! I needed this today. - 1/20/2014 1:43:48 PM
    Nice poem! :) - 11/23/2013 11:32:04 PM
  • Thank you for taking the time to write this. It really did inspire me to do this for me! - 9/27/2013 9:13:25 AM
  • This article indeed has lifted my spirits. Thank you so much for such an uplifting story. - 8/23/2013 9:17:57 AM
  • Great article, lifted my spirits on a day when I felt a little down.
    - 8/10/2013 9:01:05 AM
  • Loved it! Great job! - 7/31/2013 9:12:10 AM
  • Great motivational article., ty Good job and congrats! - 7/17/2013 3:22:03 PM
  • Wonderful success story!

    You are an inspiration to others, showing us that anyone can do this!

    Isn't SP wonderful? - 7/16/2013 10:49:25 PM
  • The young lady's comment at the end of this piece was an eye-opener for me. She said: For the first time I feel very comfortable with who I am and with what I will never be. It reminded me very much of the advice our pastor gives newlyweds when she performs marriage ceremonies. She says: Enjoy each other for who you are; forgive each other for who you are not. I spend more time with me than anyone is, of course, so I'm thinking that's the kind of relationship I need to have with myself. And I think that's a piece of the puzzle this young lady found. Great story. - 7/13/2013 11:08:13 AM
  • That was a great story. Thank you for sharing...and congratulations! - 5/7/2013 10:11:35 PM

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