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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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    Try using sandwich bags filled with the foods you like. It's kind of like making your own 100 calorie packs without that extra cost. Just buy the food, bring it home, then divide into bags (before eating any).
  • I find them very helpful to me. I would eat the whole bag of chips, instead these are already portioned out and I think they taste good. I give them to my kids too as a snack and they enjoy them as well. Good article.
  • So, I tried a couple of these. . . not only are they overpriced, but they seem like a cheap version of the real item! I feel like we're being taken for a ride if we buy these. If you can put a "lo-cal" tag on something, people will feel like they have to get it. No thanks.
  • i actually feel much hungrier after eating a 100-calorie snack pack than if i would have just drank water or something! for me it doesn't satisfy my emotional need to snack -- something crunchier like carrots do the job better.

    it's funny, but the more balanced i'm eating, the less appealing a cookie is, in any calorie-serving amount.
  • I buy them but not much. Usually I buy Baked Lays, (plain & bbq), Baked Cheetos, well....all the baked snacks. The only thing I really buy in the 100 calorie pack it the Pringles Pizza Sticks. And then I only eat them if I need 100 calories to make the low end of my calories and I don't have anything else. They're not that bad. And of course the Special K Breakfast bars.
    I really like the snack packs because they are easy when I am rushed in the morning to throw a bag in my purse in case of hunger attack. However I have tried to ween myself off of them because of the nutrional value. I probably have about two a week.
  • I just think they are nasty tastewise. Like Alicia826 said, what's the point if it doesn't taste good? I'd rather have one of the real thing :)
  • I have ditched all carb-related 100 calorie packs-cookies, crackers, and such for my use, although I still purchase them for the rest of my family. I now rarely purchase any cookies or snack crackers in larger containers. I am using only 100 calorie almond packs and then only for the sake of portability. I buy almonds in larger quantity bags for home use.
  • I've never been a big fan of the whole snack-pack concept. Thanks for a great article and the list of healthy alternatives.
  • I'm gonna snack anyways, so these really help keep it proportioned for me. Instead of devouring an entire bag of something, I know I can only have one snack pack and that's fine with me, especially if I'm on the go, or just needing something to hold me off till a meal.
  • I would rather buy a big bag of chips and divvy it up for single servings to take to work... My mindset at home would be on the other end of the spectrum though... I would eat the whole bag or until I felt like stopping, and on the same note, if I was hungry enough, I would probably open more than one mini bag to fix my hunger. Although ripping open several bags would make me feel guilty...
  • I just bought a box of Hershey 100 cal snack packs. Although they're tasty... I just don't feel right eating them. I don't mind an occasional square of chocolate but as you say..the calories aren't fulfilling and some strange way, I feel guilty. I've opted to stick with my carrots, grapes, yogurt and now as the weather is warmer, I can already see more produce coming in.....
    thanks for the confirmation on this 100 calorie snack bag concept.

  • I see them displayed at the entrance to the Commissary, so I figure they are over-priced and not really that good for me, so I don't buy them.
  • I'm also uncomfortable with all the excess packaging. I'm finding it's better to save my treat calorie budget for a real treat. A real cookie or real ice cream that I go out to get and do not keep in my house.
  • These are fine if you only eat them for a treat. They are not adequate for a snack because they leave you hungry. When I need a snack I need for it to quench my hunger and these things just don't do it for me!

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