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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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    I used to rely on 100 Calorie snack packs quite heavily. I found they worked when I took one or two bags to work as part of my day time nutritional pack up because when they were gone, they were gone. They don't work (for me) if there are two or three boxes of them sitting in the pantry and I want a movie night snack because you start out with one but, before you know it, the boxes in the pantry are empty. The ariticle is right, if you have great self discipline they work.....but then, if you have great self discipline, you probably don't need to diet in the first place :-)
  • I have been a big fan of these snack packs. Currently I am reading a book that details the harms of all these foods with additives that we cannot even pronounce. So...I will be eliminating these items from my grocery list...A thought that I am sure my kids are going to love me for (yeah, right)! But in the end I think that it will benefit them and the rest of our family...
  • "Whole wheat Ritz crackers (10 crackers or 1 oz) with peanut butter (1/2 Tbsp): 175 calories"

    This made me laugh a little. I know the suggestion is valid and total number of calories is pretty low..... but ONE HALF a tablespoon of PB for TEN crackers! This really seems a little ridiculous. I'd say forget the tiny amount of PB and save yourself the 50 calories.
    When I did Weight Watchers I found myself eating more than one package. I just bought some pringles in 100 calories. I am leaving them at my mother's house so that I can have some over there but I am not bring them home to my house at all.
    I don't really like them to much. They leave me feeling more hungry and just wanting another bag. I would rather save my calories for some fruit and peanut butter.
  • I have bought several different kinds of the snack packs..I agree with what others have said about some..the original is so much better. I like to buy the Chex Mix also shows me just what a serving size is..I just tried a sample of the Chocolatey Drizzle Quaker Mini Delights ( 90 calories) and I think I may be tempted to buy them..I like the chocolateyness of them.. I am capable of eating only one. I don't like the excess packaging but if I were to buy a bigger size and repackage them I know they would go stale much quicker than I would want them to or I would feel like I had to eat them quicker to avoid the staleness factor...I will copy the list of snacks given in the article, I agree they are much healthier but I will also still buy these for the very occasional snack.
  • MARTAY56
    The thing about 100 calorie snack packs is that most of them are foods that we should be eating sparingly, like those high in refined flour, sugar, and salt. It's better to get the 100 calories in the form of healthier food choices like fresh fruits, cut up veggies, peanut butter on a celery stick (1 tbsp. or less) -- ummm!, cheese sticks, sugar-free yogurt, or even a hard-boiled egg.
  • I am not a super fan of these 100 calorie packs but find them incredibly convienent when my kids have to bring team snacks to practices/games. Just break open the box and start handing out packages to the players - can be eaten on the way home or will keep just nicely until the parent lets them have it (like after dinner). I have also purchased the 3 Muskeeters variety for myself to keep in my desk - one bar midway through the afternoon and I've gotten my chocolate fix!
  • Hi I buy them they are great I also do Weight Watchers so I eat by points they are a low 2 pts a bag . And if you are eating fruit then they snack packs are a great side treat.
    I never understood why people thought that those 100 cal packs were healthy or diet friendly. They are still junk food - cookies, chips, crackers, etc. Maybe if you are really craving junk and know that you will be satisfied with just 1 bag. Personally, I think there just a waste of money.
  • I don't like the 100 calorie packs at all. They do absolutely nothing for my hunger, and most of them aren't even all that good. It's just a waste of 100 calories to me. I'd much rather have fruit or nuts as a snack.
    Great article! I'm just learning how to eat healthy and this is great inforamation! Thanks for the alternative snacks. A lot of them sound great!
  • I simply turn a blind eye when i am in the stores and avoid them altogether.i am good as long as i don't see them so i don't buy them.period!
  • i don't like anything fried cheating or not, that is just not my kind of goodie.
  • I agree that the convenience makes them tempting... but for me one little bag doesn't cut it... if i'm going to cheat on my diet, I might as well eat enough to kick the craving.... just as long as I don't do that very often :)

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