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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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  • I like the popcorn mini-bags. I don't eat any others, like the Oreo ones. I don't eat the regular sized Oreos for that matter: if I'm going to have dessert, I want a delicious home-baked one.
  • Actually, I like these for quick 'snacks on the go" but never considered the environmental side of the issue even though I'm usually on top of this. Thanks for the heads up - they won't be purchased again.
  • I love cheezits, and I buy the 100 cal packs. I pack one in my lunch and have it at work as a mid afternoon treat instead of hitting the vending machine. You have to consciously open another pack in order to consume more than 100 cals, it's a built in warning!
    Nobody claims that it is a "healthy" snack, but it IS a better option than consuming a whole box of the same thing, or a greasy bag of chips or fat-and-sugar laden candy bar. If you know you can't control yourself, don't buy them to start with, but I think it's a great idea to have a splurge item conveniently pre-packaged into reasonable servings. The fact that they are expensive ought to be a further deterrant to oversplurging, it works for me.
    Just my opinion.
  • this article is right on for me. I purchased a box of 100 cal snacks and for some reason I couldn't just have one. It must be the stuff they put in them. It makes you crave more. So long story short, never again will I buy these.
  • To me, they're just begging for you to eat the whole box, since it's 'only 100 calories'-plus I'm cheap.
    I live in the UK. We don't have them.
  • Guess I'm too frugal to buy any snack packs and they sound dry and boring to me. I prepare my own snacks from good wholesome foods. DH and I do keep Fiber One bars to carry when out shopping and need a snack.
    I would buy them when they were on sale and I had a coupon, but this article even has me second guessing that! But I don't think I'll ever buy the Quaker Minis 100 calorie packs again after seeing that they have sooo much saturated fat! It's not even real chocolate! 100 calories is fine, but when those calories have 4 to 6 grams of unsaturated fat, I think I'll pass... not worth it.
  • I used to buy them until I realized that there was very little nutritional value to them. I now package my own snacks a week at a time, like nuts and dark chocolate.
    Thank you, great alternative of snakes
    Thank you, great alternative of snakes
  • My daughter and I buy the 100 cal pringle chips to eat with our sandwiches. We also buy the 100 cal oreo cakesters so when we get that undeniable craving for chocolate we satisfy our craving.
  • I imagine that if you log your food faithfully, you may not go overboard with multiple packages...that is if you are being honest about what your consumption is!
  • Now the only ones I'm a fan of are the ones for popcorn, you get a LOT for 100 calories! And it's a filling whole grain. =)
  • I've had success with 100 calorie mini-bags of microwave popcorn. The regular sized bags almost seem like overkill by comparison.

    I can certainly see why the temptation to eat multiple 100 calorie snacks is hard to resist - I've experience it myself with 100 calorie cookies/bars. Certain foods, like Ben & Jerry single serves, wouldn't last two hours if I knew they were in the freezer. My secrete on those is to buy them one at a time.

    The waste in packaging argument is valid - it's hard to be PC in all things at all times, ain't it?

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