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Facts on 100-Calorie Snack Packs

Do Good Things Really Come in Small Packages?


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thanks Report
OK, I lied: I'm NOT ditching my pre-made snack packs. All 100-calorie snack packs are NOT created equal. Emerald 100-calorie packs of almonds and other nuts, sugar-free jello or pudding snack packs, string cheese, or beef jerky sticks (though not for me personally) are all GREAT, convenient, low-calorie packs that still provide some nutritional benefits. Sure, the 100-calorie packs of potato chips or cookies are empty calories -- but I'm not eating junk food anymore anyway, so they're not on the menu. Report
Thank you. Great article. Report
Nice ideas! Better than my small bags of chips! Report
prefer fruit or cheese to packs of junk Report
Great article......................Thank You. Report
Great list of options. I rarely get these, but when I want something like chips, the 100 cal pack is a good option. Like many things, in moderation. Report
Great list of alternatives!
Don't get me started on packaged "food" Report
The 100 calorie packs can encourage me to snack on the wrong things, junk instead of healthy. Report
Excellent list of alternative snacks. YUMMY! Report
Right now I am loving my snack packs. Since I am among those who think a Costco giant-size bag of chips is two servings, they are really great for helping me learn what one serving looks and feels like. I've given myself permission to eat another serving if I want, but I have to get up and go get it, which really cuts down on the mindless hand-to-mouth over and over. I also count out my crackers from regular bags, and I do make my own packs, but for grab and go, pre-packaged is a life-saver. The things on your list are much healthier (if not so portable), but for the times that only salty crunchy will do, I've got my snack packs. Report
Good suggestions, good responses. 8-) Report
Some great alternative snack choices. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Some of those 100 calorie packages are so tasteless. I find the list you provided much more satisfying. Report

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